During COVID - 19, listings in certain categories are free to post.
We also have a COVID - 19 newsletter and a page of tips and advice for those needing to move during this challenging time.

Moving Tips and Advice During COVID-19

The seismic shifts of the last few months have upended so many lives in so many ways. Nevertheless, many of us still find ourselves managing unavoidable housing transitions. In response to questions from you, we have compiled some tips and advice for moving during Covid-19. Listings Project will continue to support collective self-care and community building through our weekly compilation of vetted real estate listings and other opportunities, and our “In It Together” newsletter created in response to COVID - 19.

Am I allowed to move right now?

Moving is considered an essential service in many states, including New York State, and no state has moved to restrict moving at this time. Jane Meyers, a spokeswoman for New York City Hall, said the government understands some people will need to move and only asks that residents “do it as quickly as you can, interacting with as few people as you can.”

Are professional movers still available during this time?

Yes, moving companies are considered an essential service and most are taking significant precautions to ensure they are conducting their business safely. You should ask for a virtual estimate and check that your movers will wear gloves, facemasks and booties while they move your possessions. Tip your movers if you can, these are challenging times for essential workers.

So, how do I safely move?

You’re going to want to be as careful as possible about practicing social distancing as well as sanitizing and cleansing boxes and possessions during the move. We think this is the most comprehensive guide to moving safely during the coronavirus, whether you are doing the move on your own or hiring movers.

It’s probably best to deep clean your new room or apartment before you move in, too. The CDC has some helpful recommendations for cleaning and sanitizing, and the EPA has a list of ingredients that meet the criteria for fighting the coronavirus. Fortunately, the coronavirus can’t survive long outside the human body although it can stay viable on surfaces for anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the type of surface.

Be sure to check with your new landlord, roommates, co-op board or previous tenants about any advice or requests they may have for your move.

How can I show my room or apartment while social distancing?

If you are looking for a new tenant or roommate or searching for space you should do all your interviews or showings remotely. Facetime or Skype should work just fine for an interview or walkthrough, although there are a number of different platforms available for creating 3D tours if you are feeling ambitious (and you can usually get a free trial to try them out).

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