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Past Editions of Our “In It Together” Newsletters

Our “In It Together” newsletter has been our way of sharing resources, information and support with the Listing Project community during this challenging time. While we are no longer publishing this newsletter every week—we’ve moved to a monthly schedule—many of the resources we shared are still relevant and valuable. You can find all of our past editions of “In It Together” below. We hope that you’ll find something here to support and sustain you.

April 9: Resources for Moving During Coronavirus

When it comes to moving, the COVID-19 pandemic had made an already arduous experience even more complicated. That being said, many people have safely and successfully moved during this time. In our first “In It Together” newsletter, we address your questions and concerns about moving and managing housing transitions. We hope these tips help you navigate your next move, too.

April 16: Art for This Moment

In our second newsletter, we shared some of the work of artists we admire including a singing telegram, a “quaranzine” and a series of thank you cards specially designed for COVID-19 heroes. These kinds of projects have provided inspiration and solace to us throughout the pandemic and are emblematic of the creative responses we’ve seen.

April 23: Mental Health Resources

Many people have struggled with mental health challenges in the face of financial uncertainty, health concerns and an abrupt change in lifestyle. In this newsletter you’ll find resources for supporting your relationships, finding a therapist, foster spiritual connection and more. Stephanie also shared some thoughts on the importance of saying sorry, an invaluable tool for relationship harmony.

April 30: Finding a Tenant

Some of you shared concerns with us about finding a tenant during the COVID-19 crisis, so we reached out to a few of our longtime listers to hear how they managed to find the right person for their space. One of our listers, Lisa, made particularly clever use of a Trello board to digitally pass along all of the information she might normally share in person. We shared Lisa’s stories, as well as a few others, in this newsletter, to encourage and support our listers who are looking to rent out a space right now.

May 8: Movement for Staying Grounded

With many people spending more time in their homes, dealing with a new kind of uncertainty and anxiety, physical movement has become more important than ever for sustaining health and wellbeing. In this newsletter, we shared a few of our favorite resources for all kinds of movement and movement-based healing arts.

May 14: Community Care in the Face of Systemic Inequality

As COVID-19 continues to exacerbate existing inequalities, many people from the Listings Project community and beyond have found new ways to reach out and support one another. In the hopes of aiding those efforts, we compiled resources for the most vulnerable members of our communities.

May 21: Making Space for Working and Creating From Home

Since many of us are spending more time than ever before in our homes, we shared a few tips and guides that we hope help you create energetic space and physical space for working and creating from home. Sometimes the smallest changes can make a difference in how we experience the space we’re in.

May 28: How to Collaborate and Connect at Home

Spending more time at home can mean spending more time with the other people who live there, too. This can be a blessing, of course, but it can also be challenging. With that in mind, we shared a few resources for everything from resolving conflict, to parenting to getting along with roommates while in quarantine.

June 4: Dismantling Systemic Racism and Inequality

As the Black Lives Matters protests began again in response to George Floyd’s murder, we knew we wanted to leverage the resources we have to support the efforts to end police violence. So, we shared advice for participating in protest and direct advocacy, anti-racist literature, options for making monetary donations, and arts organizations led by Black arts professionals that you can support.

June 11: Facilitating Housing Justice

As part of our ongoing commitment to anti-racism, we addressed questions from listers about how we think about housing justice and how we can work to promote equity and access to housing. We shared some of the things we’ve already done and new commitments for the future.

June 18: Opportunities for Deepening Connections

While social-distancing and sheltering-in-place requirements have meant that there are far fewer opportunities to connect in-person, online events and opportunities for collaboration have proliferated. From writing workshops to anti-racism training to impromptu short film festivals, our community has found new ways to stay connected.

June 25: What You've Made

After a few months of the pandemic, we decided to return again to the creative work of our listers. Through parkour videos, lyric videos and an innovative body-camera project, listers have made art that speaks to this moment. Their work reminded us to make space for creativity even in the midst of a challenging experience.

July 2: Changes in Real Estate

Like many of you, we’ve noticed that the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the real estate market. Some people are moving who otherwise wouldn’t have, while others are staying put. In our penultimate “In It Together” newsletter we shared some of our insights about what is happening in the real estate market.

July 9th: We would love to hear from you

In our final “In It Together” newsletter Stephanie asked our listers to share some of their thoughts with us via a survey. She also thanked the Listings Project team for their work over the first few months of the pandemic.