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Troubleshooting for Listers


About Listings Project

Privacy & Policies

General Info for Subscribers

What is Listings Project?

Listings Project is a free, weekly email of real estate and opportunities listings. We serve artists, creative communities and beyond. We create Listings Project every week by reading, curating and personally emailing each lister. There’s a fee each time you post a listing. There’s no cost to receive our email.

Who can sign up?

Anyone can sign up; however, listers cannot be brokers, managers or third-party services.

When does the list go out?

Listings Project is emailed every Wednesday.

Are you personally emailing me?

Yes! Every Listings Project email you receive comes personally from one of us, Stephanie, Founder/Creator or Jordan, Community Manager.

Can I share my Listings Project story?

Please do! Listings Project stories range from simple “thank you’s” to detailed stories about life-changing experiences that were a direct result of our service. Each week we share the inspiring voices of our creative community by choosing a Listings Project story to post (with the author’s permission) at the top of the Wednesday email. Click here to read people’s stories and get ideas for sharing your own.

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Troubleshooting for Subscribers

I just signed up. Where's my list?

The most recent Listings Project email will be automatically emailed to you when you sign up. Add listings@listingsproject.com to your email address book to ensure prompt delivery.

Why didn’t I get the list this week?

Check your spam folder and make sure you’ve added listings@listingsproject.com to your email address book. Sometimes your server might be blocking the IP address of our internet newsletter provider. If you think this is the case, please email us.

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General Info for Listers

Who can post a listing?

Anyone can post on Listings Project except for: brokers, apartment managers, listings with fees or spaces that are also offered by any third-party service.

What can I post?

You can post a Real Estate or Opportunities listing on Listings Project. Real Estate listings include: spaces for rent, swap, share, sublet, sale, housesitting, events or seeking. Opportunities listings are anything that is not real-estate related, including but not limited to: items or services for sale, seeking services, jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, open calls, etc. You create your own category in the Opportunities section.

When is a good time to post my listing?

Each week varies depending on who is looking and who is posting. We suggest posting as soon as you begin your search and continuing to post if necessary.

How much does it cost to post a listing?

$30.00 per week if you submit by the deadline of Tuesday 10am EDT.

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Deadlines for Listers

When is the deadline to post each week?

The deadline to post a listing is Tuesday at 10am EDT.

I missed the Tuesday 10am EDT deadline. Can my listing still be included in this week's list?

Yes. After the weekly submission deadline, we offer extended deadline fees depending on how close you are to our final deadline:

  • post between 10am EDT–2pm EDT = $60
  • post between 2pm EDT–7pm EDT = $90
  • post between 7pm EDT–midnight EDT = $180

What if I submit after the deadline and I don't want to pay the extended deadline fee?

You may decide to post your listing for the following week. On the payment page, select "post next week.”

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Real Estate Listings

What goes in “Real Estate”?

Any living, work or event space that is for rent, sublet, swap or sale is “Real Estate”. Any seeking apartment or seeking studio listings also go in “Real Estate”. The Real Estate Categories are:

  • Art Studios for Rent, Share or Sublet
  • Office/Desk/Co-working Space
  • Hourly Work Space
  • Exhibition / Event / Commercial Space
  • Rooms for Rent or Sublet
  • Live/Work Spaces for Rent, Share or Sublet
  • Rehearsal Space
  • Apartments for Rent, Sale or Sublet
  • Houses for Rent, Sale or Sublet
  • Lease Takeovers
  • Co-Living
  • Seeking Living Space
  • Seeking Work Space
  • House Sitting
  • Pet Sitting
  • Swap

What should I write in the Headline?

Write something special about your space that highlights its best features. The more detailed and specific you make your header, the better the responses. Here are some examples of one-line descriptions that share what’s unique about you and/or your space: “Huge, sunny live/work space in historical building” or “One-bedroom available in furnished two-bedroom with architect roommate.”

What should I write in the Description ?

Be sure to include a detailed description of the space, local attractions, something about yourself and your current roommate(s) if you share your space. Highlight any special features about your space, for example: pets allowed, huge skylight, backyard, great landlord. Describe special features about yourself, for example: "I love Last Week Tonight, my home is my sanctuary, I'm a teacher so I get up early, my cat rocks, I love to cook, I never cook" etc.

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Opportunities Listings

What goes in “Opportunities”?

Non-real estate listings are “Opportunities.” You’ll type in your own category on the form, feel free to include categories not listed here. Examples include:

  • Exhibition opportunities
  • Open calls
  • Internships
  • Jobs
  • Services
  • Items for sale, rent or barter
  • Events
  • Classes

What should I write in the Headline?

Explain what you’re offering or seeking as clearly as you can. You create your own category, so it helps to be as specific and detailed as possible, for example: “Part-time position with an up-and-coming, non-profit, artist-run gallery.”

What should I write in the Description?

Give as many details as possible. If applicable, include any dates, prices, locations, etc. Be clear and thorough as to what you’re offering and what you’re seeking.

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Editing, Relisting & Deleting

When does my listing expire?

Listings expire after one week.

How do I repost my listing?

If you create a login, your listing history is saved on your dashboard. You can view, edit and repost from your dashboard. If you prefer not to create a login, you can repost your listing by filling out the form again.

Do you edit my listing?

Yes, occasionally we edit listings for clarity.

How do I edit my listing after submitting?

If you have a login, you can log in to edit your listing. If you do not have a login, you can edit using the link sent to you in the autoresponse email. The deadline to edit is Tuesday at 10am EDT. If you submit your listing with extended deadline fees, you will not be able to edit your listing.

What if I rent my space before my listing emailed?

Congratulations! Email us before Tuesday 10am EDT and we will remove your listing.

What if I rent out my space while my listing is active?

Congrats on renting your space! We ask that people who successfully rent their space respond to all inquiries, letting people know it is no longer available. Because Listings Project is an email, we cannot remove listings after it’s sent out on Wednesdays. Your listing will expire after one week.

Can I delete my account?

Your listing will never be posted again unless you choose to re-post it in the future. However, if you would like your account to be deleted, email us at listings@listingsproject.com and we will delete your account.

Do you offer refunds?

Read our full Refund Policy.

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Troubleshooting for Listers

Why should I make a login/password?

The login is only for posters. You do not need it to receive the list. A login allows you to repost listings without filling out the form again. Each time you’d like to post, simply log in. All your information and posting history will be stored on your dashboard. At the click of a button you can repost, edit and pay. We do not save your credit card information—you’ll need to type this in each time.

Why is there a * next to some form fields?

The * indicates fields that are required. You do not need to include any of this information in the body of your listing—it will automatically be added to your listing for you.

What are alias emails and how do they work?

Once you complete your listing, the form will generate an @on.listingsproject.com email address that will appear as your contact email at the bottom of your listing (unless you specify that you’d like to be contacted by phone only). The @on.listingsproject.com email address will automatically forward any correspondence to the email address you provide on the form.

How do I know you received my listing?

After you submit your listing the word “Success!” will come up on your screen and you’ll receive an autoresponse email and receipt. We’ll then personally read your listing and personally email you.

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What kinds of ads appear on Listings Project?

Listings Project and Nectar carefully curate all of our advertising. Check out Nectar for more details.

How do I advertise?

Email Veken at sales@nectarads.com. http://www.nectarads.com

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About Listings Project

How did Listings Project begin?

Listings Project began as social practice artist Stephanie Diamond’s personal email list, and it’s grown into the leading resource for artists’ studios, creative spaces and beyond in 70+ countries and across the United States. As Listings Project has grown, Stephanie and her team have held onto those personal connections, creating a service that’s rooted in collective self-care and community building.

Is this an art project?

Yes. Listings Project is both a business and a Social Practice art project. Social Practice art is a method used to engage with communities and the self beyond traditional art-object making; it approaches creating with a community as opposed to creating for a community. As a painter uses paint or a sculptor uses a chisel and stone, social practice artists use social systems, situations, people and public space as their materials.

Who is Stephanie?

Stephanie Diamond is an artist who grew up in New York City. Her dad is a retired landlord and her mom is an artist, and she has always been obsessed with space. Stephanie has a photographic memory of spaces, and at six years old she started rearranging her friend’s rooms. In a roundabout way, these characteristics led her to photography and Social Practice art. Stephanie has worked within museum, community, school, non-profit and gallery settings for the past fifteen years, where she has explored community as an artistic form. Stephanie has exhibited at: MoMA, MASS MoCA, MoMA/P.S. 1, Studio Museum in Harlem, Queens Museum of Art, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Project Row Houses and Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius, Lithuania), to name a few.
Check out her site http://www.stephaniediamond.com

Who works at Listings Project?

Creator/Founder Stephanie Diamond started Listings Project from her personal email list.
Jordan, our Community Manager, is an actively working artist who studied art and psychology combined. She reads every listing, corresponds with all listers, vets brokers and asks them for documentation if necessary.
Scott, our CTO, joined Listing Project after seven years building the tech & product teams from the ground up for a large lifestyle digital media company. He is responsible for the software and technical systems that keep the list running, and eventually growing a team to help continue to grow & support it all.
Mayela, our Graphic Designer, works closely with the team to create and maintain the look and feel of the Listings Project website and brand.

How has Listings Project evolved?

Listings Project is the leading resource for artists’ studios and creative spaces around the world. As Listings Project has grown, we’ve held onto those personal connections, creating a service that’s rooted in collective self-care and community building.

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Privacy & Policies

Do you sell my email address?

No. We never sell or give away your email address.

Do you post links to other real estate and listings websites?


What if a broker contacts me about my listing?

Email listings@listingsproject.com with their name and where they work. We will take them off right away.

What if I’m also showing my space with a broker/manager?

Even if you are the owner or leaseholder, we cannot post spaces that are also being shown by brokers or managers.

Read our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy.

You can see our terms and policies at the following links: Equity & Inclusion, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy.

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