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Why We Expanded Our Opportunities Section

By Stephanie Diamond
February 1, 2022

In the early days of Listings Project, when I was still copying and pasting listings by hand, listers would sometimes send me quirky non-real estate requests or offerings for the community. One person was looking for someone to drive their car across the country.  Another person had a pile of canvas stretchers they were trying to give away. I wasn’t surprised to receive these kinds of listings. As a working social practice artist, my own life required me to be creative, collaborative and resourceful. Once I asked a fellow artist to make a very specific kind of sandwich board for an exhibition. For another show, I asked listers and artist friends to also participate. One artist and lister, Molly Smith, taught knitting as part of the exhibition, another artist and lister, Karelle Levy made cushions.


Photo by Dondre Stuetley

As more and more people shared these kinds of offerings with Listings Project, we decided to create a catchall “opportunities” category. In those days, though, our community was oriented towards finding and sharing apartments, rooms and art studio spaces. So as we tended to the real estate needs of our community, we enjoyed seeing the opportunities section grow organically. 

Then, in March of 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down most in-person life, being able to share resources and opportunities online suddenly became much more important. Like many people and organizations, we were looking for ways to support our community during what was quickly becoming a complex, multidimensional crisis. As we contemplated how we could best support our community, we decided that we would make our opportunities and seeking categories free for at least a year, to enable listers to reach out and find each other. Our community was already finding ways of connecting, and we wanted to support that. One lister, Marc Fisher, had created a “Quaranzine,” another offered free singing zoom telegrams, many listers got involved in local mutual aid efforts, artists and healers figured out how to move their practices online, and community members hosted dance parties and collective movement sessions over zoom. 


Photo by Marc Fisher

Inspired by all the innovation we were seeing, in the summer of 2020, we decided to survey our community, to find out more about the needs and talents of listers. From the results of that survey we learned that over 80% of listers who responded identified as an artist or creative. Over 50% of listers who responded offer services on a freelance or gig basis. Almost half of listers who responded had applied for a job in the last year. And 32% of listers who responded had hired someone in the last year. 

Based on that information we created a new Jobs & Gigs section that is entirely separate from our Real Estate & Opportunity listings. We also made the following changes: 

  • Jobs & Gigs listings will be live on our site for four weeks instead of one.  

  • Our pricing model for Jobs & Gigs listings has changed.  You will now have the option of paying $79 or $39 for your jobs and gigs listing, depending on the type of organization you are hiring for. These new prices apply to Jobs & Gigs listings only. 

  • We’ve created additional categories In our Real Estate & Opportunities section: Services Offered, Open Calls, Events, and Sale & Trade.


Photo by Noah Kaplan

We believe in creating opportunities for all people to have equitable access to jobs and gigs. We are committed to building a justice focused community. As our Jobs & Gigs section continues to grow our hope is that it will provide a platform for ​​creating respectful, life-affirming, justice focused ways of working together.  We want it to be a place where we can be resourceful, collaborative and innovative, a place where the skills and talents of artistic people are highly valued. We intend it as an invitation to all of us to ask for what we need, and offer what we have to give. 

Feature Photo by Alexis Rivierre

Stephanie Diamond is the founder and CEO of Listings Project. She is also a social practice artist and a certified 5Rhythms dance teacher. You can learn more about her work at

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