I create Listings Project every week by reading, curating, and personally emailing each lister.
– Stephanie Diamond

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Listings Project is a free weekly email of real estate and opportunities listings serving artists, creative communities, and beyond.

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Stephanie inside the apartment she found on Listings Project.

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I've always said if I ever won the lottery one of the first things I would do is buy a big, beautiful prewar apartment building and rent apartments to artists and writers for next to nothing. Build in studio space, libraries, hire a chef…. Of course, I'd have to buy a lottery ticket for that to happen. I happened across your website today as I was researching my corrupt landlord who just sold our 10 unit building out from underneath us and our "leases." Finding your site was like a breath of fresh air and restored a little faith in me. I look forward to seeing the listings. Thanks for doing such a great thing.

— Salita

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What the press is saying

  • “E-mails poured in to her from grateful users: artists who inadvertently met soul mates through a listing for a work space, or artists who found homes that seemed to have souls.”
  • “Wednesday might be the least stressful morning of the week for New York City's legions of renters on the hunt for new apartments: it's the day the Listings Project shows up in subscribers' mailboxes.”
  • “Stephanie takes submissions and goes through them to make sure they aren't submitted by brokers. Everyone on there has just one apartment they want to fill; they're not going to try to push you into something else.”

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