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At-Home Plant-care Specialist & Plant-Sitter


New York City


Starting at $20/hr

Posted 25 days ago

About this Service

I'm an At-home Plant Care Specialist offering my plant-sitting services (& much more!) in NYC. 🌱🌳✨

S e r v i c e s 🌱 - starting at $20hr (for standard plant-sitting)
✨ • I offer at-home re-potting services for plants of all sizes (priced by tier), with detailed care instructions and product suggestions.

🌻• I also specialize in plant doctoring, assessment and treatment of various pests, fungal and care issues.

🐝 • I service all Brooklyn neighborhoods, lower Manhattan and parts of Queens. I'm willing to travel further for a fee.

About this Lister

About Me 🌞

I'm an Archival Researcher and writer based in Brooklyn; I love plants, books, and making new connections✨. I also enjoy literature, research, and making information accessible.

My green thumb started with my grandfather, who was a farmer in Haiti; Growing mangos, avocados, foods that he sold and fed his family with. My mother carried this on--insisting that we always have plants growing in our home. My father, later on, would start a garden on our Brooklyn balcony.

I grew up with a reverence for the earth and all that grows on it. It's a kind of love and knowledge that grows each day I see my plants; and that helps me connect to other living beings. This is has become a practice that I'd love to share with others.

Background and Expertise

I have over 6+ years of experience tending to plants of all kinds. I've worked at a plant shop, treating & repotting over 40+ pound large plants. I've worked with "high-maintenance" plants like fiddle leaf figs, calatheas etc.; and also easy care plants like philodendrons, foliage, cacti and succulents. I can assess, doctor, and recommend remedies to try for your sick plants; or even healthy ones (to encourage new growth!). In my own collection I have over 40+ plants growing in my home, including two trees .

I'd love to share my love, knowledge, and care for plants with you & your plant babies!


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