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Image courtesy of Beatriz Pinheiro, Matthew Papa, and Douglas Holt, Listers
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“Listings Project began with my own apartment hunt 17 years ago. It’s a free weekly compilation of vetted real estate listings and other opportunities geared towards artists and creatives. We’re rooted in collective self-care and community building.” - Stephanie Diamond, Creator / Founder
As the Listings Project community has grown, we continue to scrupulously vet each posting, corresponding directly with every lister and connecting countless people with apartments, roommates, art studios, exhibitions, jobs, friends, collaborators, and even soul mates.
I sincerely respect your community as a place where we can talk about our needs honestly, and value the voices of each other and the connections between people. I feel that only then can we find trust, quality and harmony in our daily lives. Shiho, Lister
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