I create Listings Project every week by reading, curating, and personally emailing each lister.
– Stephanie Diamond

What is Listings Project?

Listings Project is a free weekly email of real estate and opportunities listings serving artists, creative communities, and beyond.

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Stephanie inside the apartment she found on Listings Project.

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    There is no cost to receive Listings Project email. There is a fee each time you post a listing. I do not post brokers, managers, or listings with fees.

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Thank you so much for setting up this service! Last August, when I was able to figure out financials and ready to move permanently to NY, I sent a couple of different emails to people subletting and posting on your site. At a desperate point when I thought I would not find a place, I got an email from an artist subletting her room saying she wouldn't mind me having pets. It was a godsend. I was so relieved. When I went to check out the place, it was way beyond my expectations. It's probably one of the coolest and largest rooms I have ever lived in. My roommates have been great, easy going and respectful. I've also grown to love this neighborhood. I'm really grateful for the service that you've offered and even more to have found such an amazing place. Unfortunately, I have to move because it was a sublet but I'll be looking on your website again and will hopefully find another place as awesome and great as this one.
Thank you!

— Vania

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What the press is saying

  • “E-mails poured in to her from grateful users: artists who inadvertently met soul mates through a listing for a work space, or artists who found homes that seemed to have souls.”
  • “Wednesday might be the least stressful morning of the week for New York City's legions of renters on the hunt for new apartments: it's the day the Listings Project shows up in subscribers' mailboxes.”
  • “Stephanie takes submissions and goes through them to make sure they aren't submitted by brokers. Everyone on there has just one apartment they want to fill; they're not going to try to push you into something else.”

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