Listing Project Stories

For me Project Listings has been that heart centered resource that has played a very prominent role in my story. This channel as a vetted platform allows for navigating life while maintaining community values that will help us as a collective to maintain faith, trust, humanity, kindness, and many more soft powers at the forefront of our marketplace, global identity and world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Shraddha

A huge thank you for your help - you sincerely brighten my day! MERCI for creating Listings Project and bringing a great community together. One year ago I met Alexandra through my post on Listings, we were roommates for a few months and became true friends, supporting each other creative passion and inspiring each other. I feel very lucky to have met her, so big thank you to you and your team.

– Diane

Since COVID, I’ve left my tiny Manhattan studio and subleased a couple different apartments in Brooklyn. It’s allowed me to explore new neighborhoods, live in a larger space while working from home, and importantly given me the flexibility to travel when needed to be with my family. Thank you to this community and all the hard work you put into curating the listings!

– Ankita

I wanted to thank you for this newsletter. Last year when I asked around about studio spaces, everyone pointed me your way. I didn't know, when I signed up for the weekly newsletter, what an invaluable source of information Listings Project would be. As a newcomer to the art world, without a built-in community, I love hearing the stories that you share and the care that you take for us artists. Thank you for all your work!

– Yen

I've gotten the Listings Project newsletter and have found places because of it. As a Black man, while never being conscious of it, I was so pleased (and viscerally moved) by your removal of “safe” when vetting the listings. That word always makes me wince, whether in conversation or on paper, because it’s a euphemism. I can’t thank you enough for that. All the best and keep doing what you’re doing! You’re a valuable resource.

– Timothy

I had a very stressful hunt for a roommate this season. Well this year, Listings Project rescued me, sending me multiple, wonderful candidates. Next go round I am putting all of my eggs in the Listing Project basket because it has been so worthwhile. Thanks for creating a tremendous service.

– Jennifer

I posted an ad with Listings Project for the first time in six years. The process is great, and I love how much you've highlighted and modeled equity and inclusion! It's not just buried in the fine print but front and center.

– Meg

My fiancé and I are long time fans of the listings project and found one of our favorite apartments through it. You've made a wonderful community and made what's often a stressful project (finding a home) more joyful and supportive in every way. Thank you!

– Sarah

Thank you so much for listing my job posting. I received a large number of extremely qualified responses, and I hired a remarkable young woman who gets exactly what I need and is so good, I already gave her a raise. I wrote back to every applicant, with very kind and encouraging language, a few I asked if I can keep on file for the future.  It was a fantastic experience, thank you so very much.

– Lori

I just wanted to express my gratitude for what you have created. I have found the most wonderful tenants, kind, respectful, conscientious, and creative! They have always added positively to the community and many have become friends. I’ve been loving on you guys all day so I thought I’d let you know how much you’ve eased the process and helped to enrich my/our community.

– Carolyn

The space I found is PERFECT for me to run our small learning design company. I share it with another company and they are all so helpful and friendly. I am no longer working out of my bedroom. The furniture, the light, the light fixtures, the view, even the kitchenette is all perfect for me. I'm so much happier "going to work" now. Thank you Listings Project!

– James

I wanted to thank you for providing this service. I think it's well worth the fee. We got 8 replies to our listing and the people were all very friendly and asked great questions - we found someone very quickly to take our room who's a great fit. It was much easier than doing it on our own or using Craigslist, and I'm really grateful for the clarity you provided about how we should structure our listing. Thanks again - we will definitely do this in the future if we need to find another roommate again!

– Laurel and Charles

Thank you for all that you do to help make positive connections and friendly, non-sketchy housing options available across the world! I've used your site through several moves around NYC, having followed each email since December 2014 (I had to go back and check!). I can't recommend the Listings Project enough times to others.

– Jaimee

I absolutely LOVE the Listings Project. The couple that rented my Jersey City apartment were the perfect tenants. Great communication, big hearts, careful attention to my things in my apartment and no problems with payment of rent. That was about three years ago now, and I have had about a half dozen fabulous experiences with LP since then. I found an absolute dream home in Westport MA where I lived in a restored carriage house with about 2,400 square feet of space in a gorgeous untouched coastal town. I hosted a few other folks in my Jersey City home, and most recently found a most amazing sublet-er for my current home in New Bedford MA. Every experience has been not only seamless, but such a beautiful value added to my life. I find this to be a most wonderful resource; for me at least, it feels like a real friends of friends community. Even though we may be continents apart, I feel we’re somehow a close family of sorts.
Thank you, Stephanie and Team!

– Jilsarah

I not only found dozens of lovely humans that I plan on grabbing socially distanced coffee with, but found the perfect neighbor (hopefully future friend) and helped her to get an affordable apartment in Manhattan. You've helped me make new friends, and am getting closer to my dream of living in a building filled with wonderful humans – it's just what I needed after COVID isolation <3

– Kristina

Thank you for creating this wonderful resource! I found this apartment last year on Listings Project. It's a dream home. I am constantly sharing LP with people! A friend who was in a lurch needed a space before Aug 1 and I referred her to the free seeking space ads that LP has opened up during Covid. She found a great place within days.

– Courtney

I've gotten the Listings Project newsletter for years and have found places because of it. So I thank you. I’d also like to say, as a Black man, while never being conscious of it when looking at the listings, I was so pleased (and viscerally moved) by your removal of “safe” when vetting the listings. That word always makes me wince, whether in conversation or on paper, because it’s a euphemism.I can’t thank you enough for that. It made my day.
All the best and keep doing what you’re doing! You’re a valuable resource.

– Timothy

Just wanted to thank you all for your work - it's been almost a year since I found my apartment through the Listings Project and it's been one of my best living experiences to date and truly felt like a sanctuary during the height of quarantine in Manhattan.

– Natassia

I am blown away by the response I received today from my Hudson Valley listing. The caliber of the people who responded was very high. My daughter recommended I use Listings. I was not familiar with it. Thank you so much for such an incredible service.

– Joy

I found someone to sublet my room recently and everything is going great! I appreciate the professionalism, reliability, and ever since I was told about your company it is the only one I use when looking to fill rooms in my apartment. Thank you for everything!

– Donaldo

Listings Project actually helped us find the place that in our gut is the perfect home for our new family! Thank you so much for your support and for this amazing tool that so many friends recommended. Much needed simplicity and warmth during this tumultuous time.

– Barrie

I have been following your listing for over a year and it's become part of my morning Wednesday routine to peruse what's been curated over a cup of coffee. This past week, while searching for housing of my own, I was connected with a couple through your newsletter. Their gracious approach and mindfulness around financial hardships during COVID was incredibly refreshing. As a 30 yr old social work student, hustling around the clock to make my dream come true, I'm so grateful there are teams working to rectify our housing crisis during a pandemic. Thank you so much for making this possible.

– Sarah

Thank you so much! I LOVE everything you guys do! Thank you so much for being such a GREAT reliable resource for us all especially during the pandemic! This will be the second place I will rent through the listings project during the pandemic, so when I say you guys are life savers, I really mean it! Thank you for everything that you are and all you do!

– Jodie

Thank you for creating this service. It is like nothing I have used before - it really has made me feel like a person - the communication you provide has been a real tonic!

– Matthew

Hi Stephanie and team! I just wanna say I’m so happy you’re expanding! I love Listings Project and I’ve been a subscriber for many years. Thank you for all your work!!

– Bruna

Good news - I found a great person to take the apartment that came via your site. Thanks, this is the 2nd time in a row I’ve had success with Listings Project.

– Nick

I was so happy to find you and as a result, be able to host a lovely couple of artists from Canada and their kids who were wanting to experience NY over New Years and not break the bank. I lost my only child a few years ago and it was extra special for me to be able to leave goodies for the kids plus my favorite museum gift shop purchase: the adventure walk deck of cards for them to enjoy exploring NY as a family.

I hope this year is wonderful for you. Thanks again for doing what sometimes may feel like a thankless job!

– Shirley

Hi there! I love Listings Project--I cannot wait to browse your listings in all locations every Wednesday morning with my cup of coffee. I found my studio apartment through you, and love the way Listings Project has entered the real estate market.

– Antoinette

Your list helped me make a lot of friends, and it helped me be safe and have a safe, beautiful, and warm home for 8 years in the big bad NYC. Thank you so much.

– Jean

Someone from the list is staying with me now and as always, is a lovely person. I admire how you "went big", but somehow are able to keep the quality of people. Everyone I've ever met through Listings Project has become a friend.

– Victoria

We’ve gotten a kind of overwhelming response to the ad - at least 55 people. Wow! I think we’re going to find someone good.

– Jen

I was extremely happy that I found your service. I met some genuinely lovely people that I had much in common with. I will 100% use this service again when I need to rent out my space. Thank you so much =)

– Beth

Thank you. I LOVE Listings Project!

– Hope

I wanted to thank you again for your help with my listing of our apartment last Tuesday. The response was overwhelming- I think we are over 75 people as of this afternoon. We rented the apartment by the end of the first day of showing, Friday. I wanted to let you know that I am still responding to all the folks I couldn’t get to. So many lovely and well qualified applicants. You are clearly running a much-needed service. Thank you again.

– Victoria

I simply love Listings Project and have found several very cool roommates who are sure to be lifelong friends!

– Cathie

Listings Project is Fantastic! I received so many responses for our room for rent and mostly from very possible people! I am spreading the LP word all over the place, especially to friends in Europe where I’m from. Thank you for the best site!

– Lynn

I wanted to say how grateful I am for your website. I found it yesterday and signed up and was able to review the most recent newsletter. It was easy and transparent and I am looking forward to seeing the newest newsletter tomorrow. What a wonderful service you are providing! Thank you very much.

– Trish

I did receive some GREAT replies from my last listing (including someone who is interested in trading a workspace and living arrangement for a performance, which would be a great arrangement).

– Ray

Thanks! As usual, I found a great subletter for August via Listings Project!! I always appreciate this network!

– Sheetal

We had an incredible experience using Listings Project. We had over 20 requests to sublet our apartment while we traveled for a year. The woman we chose turned out to be a godsend and is now a good friend. She took great care of our place and was extremely communicative and reliable. It eased our worries while we were away and it made our transition back home to Brooklyn easier. We are so grateful for Listings Project and will continue to recommend it to all of our friends and family.

– David

Thank you so much for the sweet email. I love being a part of this project, it’s truly is something special.

– Grace

I just wanted to thank you and Listings Project for existing! After 2 weeks on other sites, which cost twice as much, and yielded no serious applicants, we got about 15 great interested people from you guys in 24 hours and rented our Bed-Stuy apartment right away. Thanks again!

– Nathaniel

Great news, I now have a signed sublease for a wonderful summer rental that came from my last post on the Listings Project newsletter. You were so incredibly sweet to advise me about writing the text so that it most effectively communicated an appropriate amount of information about who I am, my unusual situation and the kind of space I needed. This is fun rental for the summer, so as the end of summer nears, I will be using Listings Project again to find a new work / live rental with lease lasting a year or two. Thank you so much for your kindness!!! Have a great summer.

– Wendy

I am new to your site. I just moved to New York from San Francisco. Each week I await with bated breath for your post of a new batch of lovely and curated opportunities for a sublet or rental space. I have yet to find my “forever “ home but think I have a good shot at a sublet. Which will work perfectly as I get settled. Your site has been so easy to navigate and knowing your involvement and vetting the applicants that are renting or subletting etc... provides another layer of a sense of security.
Thank you.

– Denise

I want to say to you and Stephanie how much we love LP!! Consistently high caliber of inquiries. Just the best!

– Jay

I love the listings. Thank you for this project, it's only been a short time for me with it but because it includes places outside of NYC / LA, from my perch in SF, I'm able to see other places as possible future homes & thus different futures.

– Tomas

Stephanie, I first found out about Listings Projects from my parents and aunt who all work in the arts and are familiar with your work. When I decided to move to NYC last year, I solely used the Listings Project to look for an apartment because the quality of spaces are so high, and other sites are filled with scams. I took a leap of faith and moved into a lovely apartment in the East Village. I didn't know and had not spoken to any of the women prior to moving in, but I couldn't have dreamed up a more ideal move. The four of us get along so well––one of the women has become my closest friend in NYC, which made my transition even smoother––and we have all decided to resign the lease together for another year :) Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! I recommend everyone to your website!

– Lilah

I love Listings Project! It’s been the best way to find new roomies.

– Jess

Thank you very much. Thank you to you all. Because of you guys, I always find great guests to stay in my cottage.

– Arzu

I've been posting on your website a few times already and I just found someone that looks like a great fit for the room I'm renting. Thank you so much for providing us such a good platform for finding and renting nice places.

– Marcela

Just FYI, I have met the most wonderful people through this listing service and will never go anywhere else to rent my studio. It’s been such a game changer for me to find people I can really trust watch my space.

– Jacqui

I must say that everybody who replied appreciated an apartment with lots of nice details, was unfailingly nice, and showed up for their viewing appointment. To me it is the right group of people to be advertising to.

– Alan

I’m so excited to be a part of the community. Many thanks for creating it!

– Schauleh

Thank you Stephanie. I have recommended your list to several people with apartments and they are all amazed at the response when they post. It's a wonderful site and a great service.

– Lisa

Thank you SO much! Everyone I know raves about your list, how they found so many wonderful connections through this site. I am eager to check it out as I get settled in.

– Will

My head is spinning. The ad came out at 8:00 am and the room was rented 6 hours later.

– Mary

I love Listings Project! I scour it every Wednesday - sometimes to actually look for a new living or studio situation, but mostly just to dream about those possibilities the world over.
Thank you! Keep being fabulous!

– Scout

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with the Listings Project. We had over 20 requests for viewings in the first 24 hours, and fit in 10 showings between the email blast on Wednesday morning and Thursday night, and by Friday the apartment was rented! I can’t believe how fast it was. Because it was so quick, we were able to not lose a whole month rent!
Thank you again!

– Martha

Just wanted to let you know I love your newsletter! After being a subscriber for 2 years I've FINALLY decided to make the move and move to NYC this April or before! I hope to find a listing on your newsletter that is perfect for me. I know I will.
Thank you for doing this and for being amazing =)

– Ashley

I love using Listings Project. I’ve found the best person this summer and I have been suggesting it to so many people around me. Thank you for the great work and for creating this safe community for us!

– Funda

Hi; I used your site while I searched for my permanent NYC apartment. It was a great experience – even the folks I didn’t end up renting from were so nice.

– Barbara

Listings Project has made my experience of moving to NYC a hundred times better than it otherwise would have been. Having access to a vetted list of renters made everything way better. Thanks again.

– Jim

Thanks also for all the time, energy & effort that goes into making Listings Project so useful.

– Jacquelin

I have always had the best fortune finding nice, reliable and interesting subletters with Listings Project!

– Sheetal

We just concluded our first week of posting on Listings Project and let me tell you it's been an amazing experience. Not just due to the fact that we rented the apartment within a couple of days in our asking price, but the fact we met dozens(!) of interesting people, each one perfectly suited to live with, and we are picky :).
Send my big congratulations to Stephanie for an amazing and game changing service.

– Liron

I got many great inquiries to my listing and sublet my place quite quickly! Thanks so much for this service and providing a sane platform for apartment listings : )

– Mandi

Thank you all! We have received the most feedback from your site of all the places we've listed. And all of the folks have been very good candidates.

– Perri

My fiancé and I found our dream apartment on Listings Project! We were so burned out on real estate after a terrible experience with our previous lease - giant broker fees, a negligent landlord, a poorly maintained building. We thought we would never be able to afford a good home in NYC. But a friend told me about Listings Project, and after checking my email every Wednesday morning for a few months, one day, like magic, there it was. A beautiful space at an incredibly fair monthly rent, with homeowners who clearly care about the building and their tenants. I reached out right away, and within a few days, we had signed the lease. It has been the most pleasant experience from beginning to end - we genuinely can’t believe our luck. Forever grateful to the Listings Project. It’s a fantastic resource!

– Jane

I just wanted to let you know that I had a really great experience using Listings Project and was able to fill 3 out of 3 bedrooms I was looking fill, in just a couple weeks. Thanks for the help, I will be sure to continue using in the future, and spread the word to others.

– Lily

A huge thank you for your help - you sincerely brighten my day! MERCI for creating Listings Project and bringing a great community together. One year ago I met Alexandra through my post on Listings, we were roommates for a few months and became true friends, supporting each other creative passion and inspiring each other. I feel very lucky to have met her, so big thank you to you and your team.

– Diane

Thanks to you and the rest of the team for such a great service! Listing with you guys generated a lot of response for us, which was so helpful.

– Elena

I need to express my gratitude for helping me find the perfect place to move myself and my studio to. I never dreamed of being able to stay in the neighborhood I’ve lived in for 30 years, but Listings Project made it a reality. I have been signed up for my weekly e-mails for a few years, starting out looking for studio space. That became a search for a space that I can work but also live in. One morning in late April this space popped up and I went for it. I love that your site caters to the wider community of artists and creatives and that listings come directly from owners and tenants. It makes the whole process so much more personal, less costly and less anxiety producing.

I can’t recommend you highly enough - you make living and working in New York City a real possibility.
Thank you for being there.

PS - I attached snapshots of my Printmaking Presses being set up by Suitcasepress in my new space. It is a large one bedroom with lots of storage space - instead of a living room I now have a studio - and a balcony off my bedroom. So happy.

– Karin

I just wanted to tell you that we have had a great experience so far with our person we are renting from that we found on your site. There are so many scammers out there and your website has restored my faith in mankind!
Would not hesitate to recommend or use Listings Project again!
Thank you!

– Alexia

Always appreciating what you guys do. It's the only reliable source for renting these days. It's so different now than back in the day (early 2000s) when I had a place on the Lower East Side.

– Carol

I have gotten my best tenants from Listings Project over all other listings I have tried. My go to listing used to be Craigslist, until it was ruined by the realtors hacking their phone numbers into my ads, falsely reporting my ads to get them deleted, or just spamming the site.

– Don

Just wanted to say hello and thank you, once again, we were able to find great tenants. Have a great day and keep up the amazing work!!!

– Katty

Thank you. I’ve been reading the list now for about three months and it has been a beacon of hope and humanity as we start to look into moving, subletting, and maybe buying one day. Glad to now try out listing. Thank you for this great project.

– Paula

Listings Project is an amazing platform - so big thank you. I had the chance to meet incredible, creative people through my post on your platform, I hope it will continue :)

– Diane

THANK YOU for Listings Project. When I first started coming to New York for summer art programs finding a place to stay was the hardest part of the problem. For the past three years I've used Listings Project and it has made finding a summer space not only easy but enjoyable. Every year I have a bit of worry that "maybe it won't be so simple this time", but every year it is just that simple. Listings Project works. It is full of great people who together provide the best possible answer for artists in need of space in New York. Thank you for creating and continuing to manage this wonderful service, and thank you to everyone who uses it for participating.

– Josh

I appreciate your excellent project. Thanks to your listings, I found an affordable short term studio rental in central San Francisco this summer. It's perfect for a Bay Area series I'll be working on!

– Elizabeth

I just wanted to say thank you to you guys! We were able to get our apartment rented in less than 2 weeks, to wonderful tenants. We met so many great people in the process also. What a great service! Much gratitude.

– Sam

This is just a note to Stephanie to say I have absolutely the best roommate ever from your list and your list alone. She is an angel!! Thank you so much.

– Nina

Amazing! Thanks so much for your quick replies. I also want to mention that I found my current apartment from Listings Project and not only do I love my place, but my roommate and I get along swimmingly. Keep up the good work!

– Erin

I found a wonderful tenant to take over my lease. Thank you so much for your help and also for this service. Avoiding the nightmare of other services certainly made this process so much more palpable. The new tenant is super psyched and I’m so happy that he doesn’t have to pay a broker’s fee like I did!
Keep up the great work.

– Kellie

We love knowing that you guys screen through weekly postings and make sure that they are legit. We have met the best people through our posts with you. Thanks again for all your help!

– Rachel

Thank you for taking the time to read each listing. There's something reassuring about knowing real people vet the entries. I believe we're stronger as a community of creatives that way. Cheers.

– Susan

I love Listings Project. I found my current studio on it and the apartment I’m currently posting the room for. Both places are out of this world. I couldn’t have found them without your list and the amazing network you’ve created. Thank you.

– Carmen

I’ve met wonderful people via Listings Project. It’s a godsend with excellent energy. I made a lovely friend in my neighborhood through one listing and we’re having a blast getting to know each other. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Hannah

I used Listings Project to find my painting studio --- and in doing so, found my studio mate! We've shared ideas re: work and life and how we are navigating the art world in New York City today. We've created a crit circle of women who met in our studio last month - a salon we plan to continue.

I credit Stephanie's list with sound listings I trust and great people I've met over the years.

All best!

– Colleen

I was able to secure one of your fantastic listings with my roommate! I am moving to New York from Los Angeles, and while I enjoy New York's charms, I wasn't looking forward to the almost certain prospect of losing access to outdoor space (and space in general!). I'm happy to report that I will be moving into the Brooklyn apartment of my dreams, complete with backyard! Thanks for the great listings. I'm really excited about my new home!

– Colin

I’ve been a part of the list for over 4 years now and after I got married, it was time for me and my husband to start anew with our dog in a comfortable, quiet and homey apartment. We found an incredible place owned by lovely people that even came with some space for our pooch. Now we really feel like we’re ready to begin a new and exciting journey together. Thank you for the community you’ve built and continue to support.

– Erica

I had a very stressful hunt for a roommate this season. I knew Listings Project would be part of my search because it was really helpful a year ago, but once again it was just one of the mix in my search. Well this year, it rescued me, sending me multiple, wonderful candidates. Next go round I am putting all of my eggs in the Listing Project basket because it has been so worthwhile. Thanks for creating a tremendous service.

– Jennifer

Through Listings Project I was able to almost immediately find the perfect apartment, the perfect roommate, in the perfect location for the perfect price in NYC. I am so excited for this new chapter and am truly grateful for everyone at Listings Project. Thank you!!

– Katherine

I was really dreading the process of moving and looking on an array of listings websites I was dismayed by the lack of suitable options. Everything was either outside of my budget or in an undesirable neighborhood. Usually both. A friend introduced me to Listings Project where I quickly saw a variety of great-looking apts. I was easily able to set up a few viewings and ended up choosing the very first apt that I saw. Couldn’t have been more simple and my new roommates are a perfect match. Thank you!

– George

After advertising on your list for a monthly stay, we received an offer from a super sweet women to housesit her apartment on the top floor of a century-old old wooden villa by the sea in the South of Brooklyn, in a neighborhood called Sea Gate. We had no idea of this place and couldn’t have enjoyed it more, living so close by the ocean and seeing it from our window was something we never considered possible in New York. The owners of the villa became our friends, and we will definitely return there. It’s amazing how your listings connect people!
Many thanks for doing what you do.
Keep rocking.

– Felix

I just need to tell you that the quality of people who came to visit my apartment through the listings project was superb. Thank you so much for making this process easy and as stress free as subletting in NYC can be!

– Lila

I just have to tell you how much Listings Project helped me out the last couple years. I went through a rather rocky period (divorce), and I was able to find two amazing sublets through LP. I am now leaving NYC, but I just want you to know that I recommend LP to everyone who is looking for an apt. There's nothing like it out there. Keep up the good work and remember that you are doing something important for A LOT OF PEOPLE!!!

– Elizabeth

Because I subscribed to your Listing Project Newsletter, my husband and I were able to find a safe, decent and centrally located apartment for our 21 year-old daughter in Brooklyn. The young lady renting the apartment is only a year older than my daughter and they both played collegiate volleyball (so they had that in common). My daughter is a graduate student at NYU and I cannot tell you the angst I went through trying to find her a good location and a safe place to live while she attends college. Thank goodness for your newsletter! The other rental housing websites were not panning out for us, and it was tough trying to look for something long distance (we don't live in the NYC area). So thank you for your publication!

– Alexis

I am writing to express my gratitude to you and all you've done for me throughout my times here in the city...the good times and the hard times! Mostly during the hard times. I almost feel I should poor my heart out on this page, however some how I feel you get it without my having to do so.

However, I would like to share just a bit. When I first moved to NYC 6 years ago, I did not know a single soul! I decided to make this change upon a whim after switching careers over 10 years ago (from Vice President of Human Resources to a creative). There were times when I felt on the verge of homelessness, until the spaces I found through your listings came through for me, and were by far the best times. I have maintained friendships with those individuals who opened their homes.

Aside from the living spaces you connected me to, I also found a creative space to work out of on Listings Project when my computer was stolen from my apt (a non-listing project apt) during my first year in NYC! Hard times for sure!

It's been a long and rough journey here, but throughout it all, I always knew you were there and would help me through my transitions. Yes, I am in tears right about now.. tears of joy.
Now I have my own lease and am searching for a responsible roommate, whom I hope to find through you!

Thanks again!

– Deedee

We found our current apartment because of your list. Thank you for knowing such groovy people!

– Carla

Thanks to you guys - I found a roommate so quickly. I posted on a number of other sites and I have to say I was so blessed to have known about you guys. I got SO many quality leads from Listings Project. Everyone was genuinely wonderful and I would have roomed with them all.

– Erin

We will be relocating for one year to Hong Kong soon, and I just wanted to send a quick THANK YOU for your listing project service. Leaving the country for one year comes with so many preparations and work, but finding subletters for our place was the easiest thing this time around. We placed our ad with you and a week later we had found a really nice and responsible couple. Maybe that was just pure luck but maybe it was also the good vibes that come with your listings project.

– Franzy

Two visiting art history students here on fellowships rented my apartment for the semester through the Listings Project. Fab tenants who love my place and have taken wonderful care of it, and best of all, it makes me feel like a patron of the arts!

– Amy

Thanks for helping me find an apartment that was located directly across from the high school my mom attended in Williamsburg in the 1960s! It was the key to getting my film project started. :)

– Melanie

I wanted to let you know that the apartment was rented a few hours after the posting. I could not have dreamed up a more perfect tenant. Thank you for creating this community and making it happen!

– Maria

Would like to thank you guys for helping me out and your promptness. The ad worked very well, beyond my expectations. I opened the space for visits during only one afternoon, yesterday, and I had many nice visits of reliable and potential tenants. I was able to rent it out to the first person who viewed it. We were lucky and our needs matched immediately. All the other viewers were also great and nice to meet with.

– Lilia

Thank you for considering and including our apartment! We're getting more interest from one time with the Listings Project than we've gotten so far using other websites (And nicer folks who respond to emails!) I've learned my lesson for any time one of our apartments is open! Everyone I showed the apartment to was soooo lovely and so interested and appreciative of the old architecture and details. In one evening, we went from having no one interested to having to decide between 3 sets of tenants, all lovely. (Feeling badly about having to disappoint 2 of them!!)

– AnnMarie

We had a perfect match for our house and studio in Vermont. Renting out our home and beloved studio space was a bit concerning, but we couldn't have found a more perfect match for our needs and theirs.

– August

I've been reading Listing Project for years and like everyone am glad to see it every week, and feel grateful and inspired by you and your mission and work. It's great we have something local and community based you've created and keep going so lovingly. That has consistently come across all these years, and want to say thank you for continuing to nurture community in our city!

– William

I am currently in Arizona (my husband and I HATE it here) and we're getting our home ready to move back East. I am from NYC; he is from NJ. We are looking for jobs and places to live. Although I would love to live back in the city, we may have to move to NJ (we have three rescue dogs). My husband is a teacher and I am a writer/editor. I could go on but don't want to bother and bore you. :) But the listings actually give me some comfort and the feel of being back in NY. And you never know; we might find a place
through this great service.
Wish us luck!
Thanks again!

– Rhona

I’m coming to the end of my stay in NYC and I wanted to thank you for the Listings - I’ve spent the last four months living in the most beautiful East Village apartment that I found through you - it’s an art-filled, gentle space, very special - and very different from the generic NYC buy-to-let experience. I feel I was very lucky to find out about you - the Listings Project is a beautiful thing. Good luck and very best wishes to you.

– Cáit

I just want to say Thank You for your amazing help and awesome source of listing information! I had BY FAR the best candidates come from the Listings Project and finally today someone from the Project took over my lease! Thank you! My landlord was also impressed by the candidates from the Listings Project.

– Rachel

By the way, thank you for providing this really thoughtful service! It's clear that time is put into curating the postings and it feels like a real community space rather than an impersonal and careless website.

– Kiran

I know I can always find someone interesting and reliable fast and easy by posting on the list! And so I have. Though I had a number of inquiries, I had 2 ideal candidates where all our needs matched up perfectly and the first one came this morning. We still couldn't find anything that was a problem.

– Maddy

Thanks! So many of our artists find us through you guys. Really wonderful people. We're so glad you exist!

– Brooklyn Wayfarers

I wanted to write to you, your email last week inspired me.

Four years ago I started an artist residency program with my partner. I met her through posting for a roommate on Listings Project. She was coming to New York for three months to work on her upcoming show in Chelsea, and during our time as flatmates we figured out we were both born on the exact same day, we both studied painting in Florence and we both hoped to start an artist residency program one day. Fours years later and we’re preparing for our third artist residency session this June. I’ve spent time with her in Athens and she’s been back to New York, and together we attended Art Basel in Miami. I never would have met my business partner, best friend and birthday twin without Listings Project, so I owe you a great deal of thanks!

Thank you!!

– Jenny

I just wanted to send a quick thank you! My apartment has been rented and she seems great. It was almost hard for me to choose since I got so much interest purely due to you guys!

– Anastasia

Thank you. I am not a U.S. citizen but I found my AMAZING apartment on the Listing's Project when I first moved to New York in 2015 and am so happy to live in this wonderful city. Keep sharing the love.

– Viv

It is Rebecca here, from Houston, Texas, now in Crown Heights, Brooklyn via Listings Project. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and your list. Wow, so many connections you make. I was able to find a wonderful sublet for a couple of months and you made that happen. THANK YOU STEPHANIE. it will come to an end in march, but i will be looking at the list again for affordable housing.

– Rebecca

I know you share these kinds of stories, and I just wanted to share one with you. Thank you so much! Having a home where one feels comfortable, after 1.5years of incredibly stressful living situations, Listings Project helped me find peace.

I first was introduced to Listings Project in 2015, when I moved to NYC, by artist Chris Wyllie. Just before arriving in NYC he gave me a choice from a collection of buddhas he had done with various vintage backgrounds. I chose a small op-art buddha that I would be able to take with me anywhere, especially on yachts, which was the industry I was coming from. Two years later, and three mental living situations, I found a beautiful bedroom and bath to let from a very serene artist and filmmaker couple. The first night that I looked at the flat, she gave me a good luck charm. It was the Healing Buddha, and I was amazed at how she knew I needed it. The next day, I put the pieces together. I had just moved all my things into my new place and was struck by the massive buddha print hanging on the wall. After all my struggles in NYC, they were bookended by buddhas. Brought to Listings Project by one artist (literally he drove all the way from Newport, RI) who gave me a buddha, and welcomed into the beautiful Chelsea flat of another with my good luck charm, and one to see every day to remind me of my luck and spirituality.

– Syd

i just wanted to say thanks for all the work you put into this listing.
While I am not currently looking for a space, I find myself looking forward to seeing your thoughtful list.
Hopefully, you hear this often and I wanted to add my voice to say I appreciate your work - thanks.

– Rodney

I am on your mailing list and just received your latest. I thought your well wishes during this week for love and grounded actions quite lovely. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you, and wish the same for you as well. You have created a wonderful community here.

– Abigail

Thank you very, very much, for providing such a high-quality resource to the community! Your artistic and progressive orientation has everything to do with the room I found. I am so glad I discovered you. Every week, since early December, that I pored over your listings, I considered you to be my best resource, from the quality of the spaces offered to the clear, beautiful, and more personal style of the listings. Although I am not in a fine arts field, my hosts are, and their apartment reflects their calling.

– Bonnie

I’m coming to the end of my stay in NYC and I wanted to thank you for the Listings - I’ve spent the last four months living in the most beautiful East Village apartment that I found through you - it’s an art-filled, gentle space, very special - and very different from the generic NYC buy-to-let experience. I feel I was very lucky to find out about you - the Listings Project is a beautiful thing. Good luck and very best wishes to you!

– Cait

My friend Kevin had given me your site to subscribe to as the place I have lived in for 11 years is being taken back and no matter how creative I continue to be, finding ‘housing’ has been stressful. I am writing as I have been on many sites, but yours looks amazing. You are to be congratulated! Thank you so for having started it, created it, nourished it and grown it!

– Barbara

I just want to say thank you. Came across the Listings Project yesterday and I love it! Perfect little niche page. What a dream for an artist!!! Already saw and sent an application for a space in sunset. Really hope I get it. And if not there's a bunch that would work for me. So thanks again. I will do all I can to share your page with others who may need it.

– John

Thank you so much! We can't say how much we appreciate what the Listings Project does. Seems to work like a charm every time!
We are grateful for you help. Happy New Year to you, and to Stephanie, too. All our best.

– Tony & Margot

I am on your mailing list and just received your latest. I thought your well wishes during this week for love and grounded actions quite lovely. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you, and wish the same for you as well. You have created a wonderful community here. Thank you and kind regards.

– Abigail

I just wanted to say thanks for all the work you put into this listing. While I am not currently looking for a space, I find myself looking forward to seeing your thoughtful list. Hopefully, you hear this often and I wanted to add my voice to say I appreciate your work - thanks.

– Rodney

Thanks so much. Listings Project has saved my butt so many times over the years. I'm eternally grateful for it.

– Candace

Thanks for posting our listing last week! Just wanted to let you know that the quality of applicants was VERY high this year. I think we used your service about 5 years ago and since then both the UX and the people using it have dramatically improved for the better, so congrats! After interviewing over 20 people, most of whom would have made very suitable roommates, we found someone who just happens to be a spectacular fit, so thanks!

– Casey

I want to write and say thank you so much for setting this up--we ended up finding a roommate in less than 24 hours thanks to the Listings Project's magic! I have already told five of my friends to use you and they are equally as delighted. Warmest wishes and deepest gratitude.

– Jeffrey

Thank you so much for your site! We are relocating to NYC and needed a studio to work. Didn’t know where to go or how about finding a space. A friend told us about your listings project. What a find! We found a great private studio in Brooklyn. So excited about our new journey.

– Susan

After leaving my desk job due to chronic pain, I began teaching a two-day class on medical editing out of my apartment. For the last year, I’ve been promoting the class on Listings Project. I get new students nearly every time I post, and several of them are now working as full-time medical editors. Without exception, everyone who has come to me through Listings Project has been professional, friendly, smart, and very well suited for this job.
Because of the success of my class, I’ll offer a grammar class soon. And without a doubt, it will go on the List! Thank you!

– Jacob

I just wanted to write you back to tell you that I love how real and human your emails are to all of us. Your email today for example, came at a time when I've been feeling exactly the same way about internet and computers, etc. Anyway, all of that to tell you thank you, and I really appreciate your site because though I still have not found anything in NY(where I am looking), I have went on at least one apartment viewing so far, and this is way more than any other site I have tried. You are bringing me one step closer to finding a suitable living situation and room mate. You're awesome!

– Mahdiyyah

You do an amazing job each week. While I have not used listings one day I may need to do so and am very glad it is there for the community you and it serve. A deep bow

– Michael

Sending a great big Thank You for your excellent service, which helped snag me an amazing new roommate for my apartment in less than a week. I got maybe twice as many responses as I did from an unnamed major competitor. I will definitely be using Listings Project for similar future needs!

– Steven

I have never contacted anyone on the Listings Project but two years ago when heading to my home town of NYC on sabbatical, I checked it out on the recommendation of a friend. (Another friend found me a place.) Thank you for this service—and continuing to improve it. Who knows when I’ll next be living in NYC or in need of the LP but I love looking at the listings—I unsubscribed for a while but then re-subscribed. So now I just look when I have the time. And I recommend it to my students who are heading to NYC.

– Rafia

Thank you for this opportunity. I received a listing from a friend who has been on your Wednesday mailing & if I'm lucky the listing you provided may well be a dream come true. Serendipitous!

– Agustin

Not only did I use Listings Project to find a room to sublet when I first moved to New York 3 months ago, I just signed a lease on a beautiful apartment today that I found through the List as well. The legitimacy and straight-forwardness of all things listed makes this a super awesome resource for finding what you're looking for. Thanks!

– James

I love listings project. I read it every week even if i'm not in the market to move, just so I can oogle at some dreamy real estate.

– Liz

Just wanted to say what a fabulous idea I think you have here! Our building was just sold to developers & we're having a hell of a time finding any landlords who will entertain a married couple who both run our own creative businesses! Thank you for offering a lifeline to the creative community who is often at such a disadvantage in these scenarios.

– Gwynne

I wanted to let you know that I used Listings Project to fill 3 spaces in our studio and it was fantastic! thank you so much for offering such an incredible service! I found 3 amazing souls and I am so grateful!

– Sarah

Thank you so much for setting up this service! Last August, when I was able to figure out financials and ready to move permanently to NY, I sent a couple of different emails to people subletting and posting on your site. At a desperate point when I thought I would not find a place, I got an email from an artist subletting her room saying she wouldn't mind me having pets. It was a godsend. I was so relieved. When I went to check out the place, it was way beyond my expectations. It's probably one of the coolest and largest rooms I have ever lived in. My roommates have been great, easy going and respectful. I've also grown to love this neighborhood. I'm really grateful for the service that you've offered and even more to have found such an amazing place. Unfortunately, I have to move because it was a sublet but I'll be looking on your website again and will hopefully find another place as awesome and great as this one.
Thank you!

– Vania

I think your "Listings Project" is awesome! I signed up on behalf of my graphic artist nephew who is relocating soon. I already found him some AWESOME prospects and hopefully he'll have a better idea of when he'll be hitting the big apple and we'll start reaching out to folks. What a WONDERFUL thing you've got going, and I wish you MUCH success!

– Terry

More than anything I want you to know how awesome of a resource this is that you have created! I am glad to have received these listing knowing that it was a more curated and cared for listing service. Thank you for all your hard work!

– Kym

I just wanted to share with you my success story and thank you for creating this beautiful project. Being recent college graduates, my friends and I had a very limited budget that we could work with, but we also wanted to live in something bigger than a shoebox. After searching for a month with various brokers, I spotted an apartment in your emails that seemed to not only fit our criteria (money and space) but also our personalities. Our landlord also just happens to be the best. Thank you for all the work that you put into this project. Because of you we are now able to settle into the perfect apartment!

– Yoo-Nah

It took a couple of tries but I found the most wonderful couple to share my studio space - a husband and wife team. They're on an early schedule, I'm on a late one, so even though there is room for all of us, this has worked out well. Quite serendipitously, we found we had many interests and background in common. I am so happy with the results from the Listings Project and recommend it almost daily!!

– Sheila

I have been looking for an apartment for the past two-weeks and it’s mind numbing and debilitating — and those are the good days! Thank you for your efforts in providing such a unique service. This feels like a throwback to the 80’s when people pulled together and connected to help one another. I really appreciate all of your hard work. Figured I’d drop you a line and let you know that your efforts are truly appreciated. Fingers crossed I find a place — through the Listings Project. Cheers.

– Gary

I just wanted to say I've been getting your emails every Wednesday for the last six months, and even though I'm no longer looking for an apartment I still love flicking through it! You do a really great job, so thanks. Kind regards.

– Anna

I used your listings project to find an apartment in the neighborhood in Brooklyn where I wanted to live, at a price I could afford. I Found a great place and a great landlord. What I did not realize is how effective the listings project is as a screening device for both. People who want to rent, and people who are looking for tenants or roommates. I do not know how you do it. I read it every month to see what options exist-do not plan to move unless my landlord's plans change. Your participants are a very earnest and thoughtful group. Thank you for doing this. I refer friends and new arrivals on a regular basis.

– Jim

Just wanted to let you know I rented out the unit I posted on your listing. I got a ton of leads from your site, and they were all fantastic. Thanks for running a great listing!

– Kevin

I love your service and found my dream house & current roommate through The Listings Project. So I am very confident I will find the right fit. You guys are the best!

– Nicole

Thank you Stephanie for starting and maintaining this list...I enjoy receiving and reading what is happening in the Art co-op world through your efforts. As well as searching ads for my future creative space.

– Nancy

Thank you so much for the listing my apt! I was able to get a subletter secured and confirmed within ONE day of your post! This project is soo much needed and appreciated! I am happy to hear that you created something like this for NYC. I have definitely recommended your listserv to all my friends. Again, thank you and definitely worth every penny.

– Joy

Thanks for your incredible work with Linstings Project. Your resource is an exciting concept and I'm inspired by the success stories your work has generated.

– Kate

Very happy holidays to you. I've been living in a beautiful, beautiful house that I love for the past 13 months, and it is thanks to you and your brilliant work! I hope the year ends well for you, and wish you a new year full of energy and love.

– Cerise

Happy Holidays to you, too!
I love receiving this listing. It is so amazing, wonderful and helpful. Thank you for all your hard work in putting it together. It is very much appreciated.

– Rhona

Oh my goodness— overjoyed with responses! We already have someone who has taken the apartment. Cannot thank you and your team at Listings Project for this incredible resource!!

– Lauren

I've used Listings Project a few times before to find subletters when I had my own place and had amazing success so it seemed natural to turn here again to find someone to share my haven with. Thanks for all you do on this listing! It's a Godsend.

– Heather

I love what you do and how you do it! Grassroots meets cyber in an artistic universe.

– Amy

We are so impressed with your listing service!! Your advice regarding our ad-pictures, additional information about us‎--definitely helped our ad's popularity and ultimate rental of the studio. Thank you again!

– Debra

Thank you for writing me back and for explaining everything to me. I was talking to another artist friend and we were discussing, that the quality of the people on there and receiving the listing
is extremely special and unfound anywhere else. I want to continue to post and be a part of it for years to come!

– Yuko

I absolutely love your site! Not only did we find our film office... Which grew from 325 square feet to 2k square feet in 1 yr but we have had a huge turn out of wonderful candidates for our Garden Rental Apt.

– Julie

I've been using Listings Project for the past four years with great success. Always a high quality of applicants. When I had a photo issue this time around, everybody was really concerned. Professional. And kind. Thank you for going so far out of your way to assist me.

– Norton

I'm currently staying in the most perfect sublet, ever. This is the second time I've used Listing Project and had an easy, rewarding experience - I've met great people, lived in totally inspiring spaces, and been met with generosity and helpfulness that make me feel like there is still true goodness in the world. I'm barely exaggerating. Every person I've come into contact with via Listing Project has been nothing short of communicative and kind. What you have made here is an invaluable resource. Thank you.

– Franny

I sincerely respect your community as a place where we can talk about our needs honestly, and value the voices of each other and the connections between people. I feel that only then we can find trust, quality and harmony in our daily lives. I've found this trust with my last experience renting off of Listings Project. Thank you for wishing me a good luck with my new loft!

– Shiho

I have been off the list for some time because the first time I posted my studio I got so lucky and that artist and I shared the place for three years. Now I hope to be as lucky again.

– Rita

I found an apartment, not through the list, but I did see many great spaces! Your list did re-connect me with a lost friend though. She saw my ad when she was looking for a roommate and we are now reunited! Thank you for that!

– Morgan

We previously used Listings Project to find managers for our Pop-Up shop, and found two really amazing people. Seriously can't thank you enough for creating such a wonderful service!

– Katie

We found someone to fill our room! Thank you so much for allowing me to post on project listings. We had many great, responsible and mature applicants. Quality people indeed. It was also because of the Listings Project that I found this lovely dream home. And I'm so appreciative of that fact everyday I wake up in this perfect space.

– Nicole

I found my current apt through this same listings a year ago and it was heaven sent!!! So I am a living testament of how awesome your listing service is! Thanks in advance!

– Nicole

I flew to NY from LA to try to find an apartment in five days. Had emailed about a listing just before I left and didn't hear back and thought oh well. I was getting kind of frantic with all the hoops brokers wanted me to jump through. Then two days before I was to leave I heard back about the listing. I went and saw it the next day, signed the lease that evening, flew back to LA the next day, and here I am! No hoops, a lovely apartment and great landlords and neighbours. Thank you Stephanie and the Listings Project!

– Kay

Thanks Stephanie!! I used to get your updates weekly like 10 years ago when it was a bcc'd email list. It's good be to reconnected on your community. Thanks so much for keeping this up!

– Leigh

Your list is wonderful. A pleasure to scroll through. I just landed myself an amazing 2 year lease on a 2500sf studio up in Catskill NY that I found a few weeks back. Just wanted to say thanks for facilitating.

– Bryan

I am an artist living in Manhattan. I want to thank you for creating such a tremendous resource - I just signed up and am BLOWN AWAY by the quality/affordability of the listings. Also, as an artist I am incredibly appreciative of all of your efforts to support the community!

– Lillian

I got several responses last week, so much so that my husband and I came into town to show it. Three strong prospects. (Solid professionals, pleasant people and quite talented!!) Thanks very much. We signed a 2yr lease with an amazing tenant last Thursday due to Listings Project. Have a wonderful Spring! Keep up this great, unique service!!!

– Catherine

Last time I posted this apartment was 4 years ago and I got great tenants through your listing. Now, thanks to your list I have fantastic tenants, many of which turned out to be friends of
friends. It's definitely less than 6 degrees of separation :) Hoping it will work just as well again.

– Marta

I found my first roommate through Listings Project and we became very close friends. She is now leaving back to Amsterdam. I doubt I will find some one like her, but I hope I will be lucky enough to have a similar experience as I had with her. She became my family and will still be once she leaves. Sometimes she was gone for most of the week and although you would think, "How great you have the apartment for yourself", I ended up missing her and couldn't wait for her to be back.

– Nathalie

The list keeps on giving, both in its community-building effects - friendships and creative and business relationships forged - and its great stories. Keep going, rock star. And thank you, thank you, for bringing some lovely people into my life these last couple of years.

– Scott

Your listing email has been incredible. I am amazed how you’ve managed to create such a following of wonderful and diverse people globally! I’m meeting the most interesting people, thanks to you!

– Justine

I had a fabulous short-term roommate through you last fall. She finished her internship and returned home, my son returned home and now goes back to college, so I’m looking again. Renting through you was easy, calm, and I met some very nice people.

– Laine

I'm in the very beginning stages of looking for a new place to live. A family member guided me to the Listings Project. What a amazing service you are providing! I expect to be relocated back to the city by the spring. I really just wanted to say a big Thank You for this tremendous service that you're facilitating!

– Glenn

Just wanted to say I love Listings Project and really appreciate having it around. As a freelancer I think it's a wonderful thing!

– Hannah

I'm receiving your listings for the first time this morning. Really interesting stuff and more importantly you really seem to screen because every single one of these listings is beautiful. I'm looking to move sometime in November 2014, so I'll just keep checking your listings and won't even bother with other sites. Thanks so much. It's obvious you really work hard at this.

– CT

As a fellow musician and photographer myself- you’re amazing! Karma points for you.

– Harji

I received around twenty replies, many of them excellent. The first person to view the space was a great fit. Again many certainly have a wonderful service going. I have told many friends here and abroad about the listings.

– Patricia

Yesterday someone asked me how my move to New York had been. "Did you have a terrible time finding housing?" "No," I said somewhat sheepishly. "I was so nervous... but I have this beautiful, big space, and these wonderful housemates, and it all happened much, much more easily than I thought." "Sshh," she said. "Don't tell anyone else that!" It makes me feel tremendously lucky, finding three other young women who are not only talented but interested in building a warm community in which to live. I found them on the Listings Project; we talked over Skype before I came to Brooklyn and were all decently sure this would work out. Still, I blocked nearly ten days off for my trip should it all turn out to be illusory, steeling myself for the unexpected in the dreaded Search for the New York Apartment. Instead: hugs, laughs, keys, plans, food, and I left New York early, to get packing and come back for good.

– Meg

I wanted to personally thank you for your initiative. I saw your website via a google search for no-fee apartments where someone had highly lauded your efforts. I can see by your first post that its all true. I am an architect who is struggling to begin my career as a full time artist and am looking for a space to stay and a space to paint, and the both need not be exclusive. I shall eagerly await your posts to see if I can find something.
With thanks and regards.

– Soutrik

I am one of the thousands who love and appreciate what you have done for New Yorkers by creating a way for people to find good spaces and opportunities in a safe and friendly online community!
Listings Project makes me feel like I have the freedom to live where I want in NYC!

– Kieran

Hi Stephanie;
We rented our apt in Greenpoint to a very nice person. Your listing is wonderful, it really screens people out and also it seems directed to people in the arts and with kindred spirits.
Thank you.

– Nancy

Hi Stephanie. Just wanted to send you a big thank you. We found our tenants through the listings project and met some wonderful people along the way. In fact it was amazing that we didn't get a single group we felt comfortable with through real estate agents but wanted to rent the place to everyone who came from the Listings Project.

The two people we picked also found the third roommate from Listings Project. So thank you for this wonderful service!

– Ayca

I would like to Thank You for the really great service you provide. I have met some truly lovely people though your listing service, have to say the quality of people has been amazing. The floor as a result has had the addition of some of those people. There are 50 studios there, I'm pleased to say that it has a lovely energy.

– Phil

Thanks so much! We have been meaning to post for ages, and are excited that we finally got our act together. My roommate/business partner and I actually met through Listings Project back in October, so we have lots of faith in the group! Thanks again for doing what you do - you change a lot of peoples lives!

– Avery

I've always said if I ever won the lottery one of the first things I would do is buy a big, beautiful prewar apartment building and rent apartments to artists and writers for next to nothing. Build in studio space, libraries, hire a chef…. Of course, I'd have to buy a lottery ticket for that to happen. I happened across your website today as I was researching my corrupt landlord who just sold our 10 unit building out from underneath us and our "leases." Finding your site was like a breath of fresh air and restored a little faith in me. I look forward to seeing the listings. Thanks for doing such a great thing.

– Salita

I love your listings! I've shared it with multiple friends who've immediately recognized its value. Thank you! Funny thing, I enjoy reading the listings each week even though I have no plans to move in the immediate future and usually don't need a sublet.

– Marissa

First of all, thank you so so SO much for all the work you put into the listings project. We are all so lucky to have it and it is an invaluable resource in this insane city.

– Natan

Thank you! I tried to rent my place on Craig's List and heard nothing for 2 weeks. I was in a panic and confused. I finally gave up and listed my place on your list and was flooded with responses the first hour and I heard from great people. I also listed my place on another listing site and there was no comparison. The people from your list are trustworthy and personable. I am not sure how you do it. There was not one unkind person who called me. I rented my place a week ago. Thank you for magically gathering all of New York City's polite, interesting and kind artists and people.

– Laurie


I imagine I'm replying to a semi-automated message, but wanted to say thanks for the confirmation and how glad I am that your project is still thriving! It's great to have such a targeted list focused on a large community of artists with shared needs. Keep up the great work!

– Justin

Just wanted to let you know that I found an awesome subletter through your Listings Project! I really couldn't be more impressed with the people who got in touch through your email, and I'm so grateful to have been introduced to your Listings Project to find someone so perfect to sublet my place! Thanks so much!! Best,

– Stacy Lee

Just wanted to let you know your list seriously ROCKS! I've had so much interest (even without the pics!) and have already booked my dates for May. You are the best! xoxoxo

– Tarra

I just wanted to tell you what a great experience I had listing my studio space on Listings Project. I had heard of your emails through friends of ours. So when I finally subscribed, I realized what an amazing thing you were doing! Especially for artists, and especially because it's New York! Anyway, I had a really stressful move, moving both my studio and apartment in the same month (never do that!!). As I'm sure you know, a studio is really personal, and I loved my old space and wanted to pass it on to someone nice. I listed my studio and within minutes of when you sent that weeks list, I had 15 emails with interested parties, and the emails kept coming through days later. It gave me so many choices to find the right person, and I ended up renting my space to another artist who found me because of your list. Having my studio taken care of, was a huge relief and eased so much of the stress of moving. Anyway, please keep up all the good work you are doing and Happy Spring!

– eloise

It looks like I found an adorable young Brooklyn couple – and entrepreneur and progressive policy person w/the city, to rent our upstate studio here in Palenville, NY. They’ll probably be using it mostly as a weekend base for hiking the many trails around here. I had an overwhelming response from Craigslist, and many from The Listing Project, but the ones that came to me from you, were overall more interesting and unique, as expected. Carry ON!

– Barbara

Your Listings Project cuts through the cacophony of social media with a direct weekly email. After flogging my summer studio sublet on social media with no results, I posted my listing with you. Moments after Listings went out, I received a number of inquiries. By mid-afternoon I cherry-picked the one that seemed just right (AND it turned out we had mutual friends). We met at the space the next day and sealed the deal. awesome! thanks!!

– Joy

I have to say that I am a little overwhelmed by the response we've received, over 100 emails, each one from someone who sounds incredible and there is despair I didn’t expect to encounter that, although I should have. The housing situation in New York is so brutal. I just wanted to say thank you again for providing a service where perfect matches can be made, and where we as landlords can make at least one household a happy one. I so wish we could work it out for the rest of all these deserving people.

– Margot

I simply wanted to thank you for this wonderful service you provide us New Yorkers with. I have been both a person looking to rent, and a person looking for a renter using your list, and I find that the people you have connected me to are high quality, interesting, safe, and intelligent based on the folks I have interviewed with. I am excited to continue referring my friends, students, and colleagues to your list, and please, please just keep doing what you are doing! Many thanks.

– Allison (Artist/Professor in Brooklyn)

First let me say that your list serve has bene the single best thing I've come across while making the move back to NYC! It is a rare gem.

– Sarah

First off, thank you. A friend told me about this list, and after seeing it for the first time, I think it's terrific. Thanks for working to help out the city's creatives.

– Daniel

Your listings are the first place I go to when I need to find a tenant for one of my studios.

– Bert

This is my third time listing - the other 2 times I got the most amazing subletters while I was traveling. There's something special about your list... I always meet the best people!

– Hannah

First off I want to say this project is amazing. Although I have yet to find a fit I really love looking at the email every week. It doesn't feel at all stressful, but yet very exciting :) Again love this project!

– Christina

I posted two weeks ago, have a great roommate starting January, you and your list come thru each time, as rare at it is. That you for creating a safe and reliable vetted list for all of us.

– Claudia

THANK YOU! I learned of your site yesterday through a friend, it was like opening up all the doors at once that had been locked for so long. I cannot tell you what a great help you have provided by your efforts! Thank you so much! I found a studio! After only two weeks using your list. It's been a dream for so long! I believe that you are helping artists more then you could possibly imagine. For the record Thank You!!! Wishing you great success!

– Betsy

Hi Stephanie, We haven't met but I've been on your list for a few years. I first moved to NYC 7 years ago with a bunch of guys and we lived in two giant lofts in Bushwick. We lived and held events, workspaces etc. in the space. It was called Flushnik and we used your list to find several GREAT live/work roommates. Whenever we connected with someone through your list they were awesome. Since then I've gotten married, moved to the Bronx, and started an arts non-profit with my wife Emily called Spark and Echo Arts. Honestly one of the biggest inspirations for this non-profit was your project. I remember admiring how you managed to share your creativity and your fine artistic talents while serving a need in a larger community so well. You are practical, creative and kind all at once. We wanted to follow your lead and create a project that shared what we do artistically AND enabled others to be more creative. I just wanted to thank you for creating your listings project and inspiring so much along the way. Thanks!!!

– Jonathon

You know, this is the first time that I have received Listings Project in my inbox (I just subscribed on Monday) but I am already in love with it! I appreciate so much that there exists a community of artists helping each other out and I want to say how thankful I am that you've created this network.

– Sam

I rented the studio immediately. Thank you so much!

– Martha

Thanks Stephanie, your list is fabulous!

– Martin

Thanks very much. You provide a much needed service to many people who value it greatly.

– Karin

Listings project is such a treat every time it opens in my Inbox. There are so many options of great spaces and even better people to share them with. I have found my apt and my studio on The listings Project. Any time I hear that someone’s looking for a place I interrupt their conversation and tell them to sign up for listings project. Thanks for all your hard work Stephanie diamond!

– Kennedy

My partner and I found an amazing loft apartment in Bushwick on Listings Project. It's unbelievably beautiful and we couldn't be happier with this new space. Our roommate is an artist, like myself, and our interests overlap in many areas. She has lived there for 13 years and the apartment is designed and filled with great artwork and furniture, and matched our aesthetic perfectly. Thanks!

– John

I just wanted to take a quick moment to express my gratitude for your email on November 1. Your email with a list of [Sandy] relief organizations was the very first I received. As the Director of Community Service at a small liberal arts College (which was closed for a week) your message was so helpful to our students wanting to help those effected but unsure where to go. Thank you! Sending you genuine appreciation and gratitude.

– Misty

Thank you Stephanie, for your continuing investment in our community. Time and again, Listings Project fosters a sense of connectedness to those who I share values with but may not be able to be in touch with otherwise. Thanks for continuing this inspiring work. Xo

– Danielle

Thank YOU for running the project. I'm always so excited to meet members of this community. Everyone is pretty much awesome.

– Erik

I fully expected to be thanking you for the renter but the peace of mind was more valuable! I have just had a broker come in with someone who is taking the apt. They could have saved a lot of money with your service. Thank you so much for your fabulous listing! It was the key to my mental health this last month when a renter left a deposit then changed her mind without notice. Your ad consistently brought viable renters. I am telling everyone looking about this great resource!

– Susan

I had been using the spare room in my apt along with my boyfriend as work studio for about a year and a half. Simultaneously we had several artist friends passing through who would stay with us and use the room to live and work. This gave us the motivation to fill the room more permanently. We posted on Craigslist and Stephanie Diamond’s List. Craigslist brought us some interesting prospects but the Diamond List proved more legitimate as the people who discovered us here seemed more reliable and well rounded. I believe this is because of the way Diamond curates her listings, not just anything makes it on there.

Only one person out of 30+ called before hand to talk in person. She was very nice and instantly I felt comfortable talking with her over the phone . She had her questions inline and was very serious about her presentation and desire to see the space. She had me laughing on the phone, like I was talking with a good friend. I had a feeling about her just from those few moments.

We gathered the emails that came in from Craigslist and Diamond’s List, narrowed them down, and set up appointments. We had pressed coffee and scones, muffins, and danishes laid out on a nice spread on the table in the common area. This was an effort to make them feel welcome and comfortable so they could relax and imagine themselves in the environment of our apartment. The stress and anxiety of meeting potential housemates can really grate on your persona, especially in a big city, making you nervous and less likely yourself, we wanted to avoid that.

The interview process took all day and went very well. We met people who we had coincidental connections, artists who would make great drinking buddies, and then at last we met the girl from the phone call. She was the only person who came with printed references and letters of renters recommendation. She had the right kind of energy - soft and honest with a balance that we needed in the apartment. She had a great sense of humor, she was involved in something non-visual art related (which brought a new perspective and diversity), and she was humble, kind, honest, and generous. We could see her becoming a good friend and delightful person to be around day to day, week to week, month to month, etc.

Needless to say, we offered her the room and she happily took it. After about a year of living with her, now, we can't imagine not having her in our lives. She is a special person and we feel lucky that she found us. If it weren't for Stephanie Diamond List we may never have made the connection. Now I always recommend people in search to sign up for the Diamond List first and leave Craigslist as a last resort.

Thank you Stephanie Diamond - you changed our lives!

– Donald

I was Su's landlord (see Listings Poject Story last week.) She did, indeed, keep telling me to join your list in order to find a new tenant when she moved out. I finally did and met so many wonderful prospective tenants -- it was an embarrassment of riches. I found myself wishing I had many more apartments to rent out so I wouldn't have to turn anyone down. We ended up with a wonderful tenant who just moved in on Monday. Thank you!

– Alex

I'm a huge fan of your listing service. A few years ago it led me to the best sub-let imaginable and I've recommended it to countless friends, including my current landlord who just successfully rented my apt. Thanks to your list! Such successful expressions of community in this big busy city are few and far between.

– Su

Not sure how the magic happens but it does. 24 year old has worn out his couch surfing privileges, mother in California starting to hyperventilate, obsessively checking creepy craiglist. Listings project pulls through, all is well. Thank you!!

– Ellen

Thank you, Stephanie. Your list and the people on it help make New York special. Cheers

– Jan

If not for you, I wouldn't have been able to swap my house as often as I have! You've been a lifesaver.

– Whitney

The whole thing feels like a small family, in this city of tough rentals and the like.

– Henry

Thank you very much for including me on the Listings Project mailing list. I would like to request my removal from the emails. I have found a place to live, and, though it wasn't one of you listings, I have so enjoyed reading about and considering the abundance of options a young artist has when choosing a place to live and/or work. You do us all a lovely service. Thanks again.

– Charlotte

I am an artist and new owner of a three family house in Greenpoint. I am still getting the landlord thing down, and, as I live in the house, was looking for some kind and like-minded tenants, without having to do tons of legwork. Within hours of the listing coming out I had eight emails, all from such nice-sounding people. A lovely couple who are relocating from England were the first to write to me and to look at the place, and they made a great impression on me. We have just signed a lease and I know I will be so happy to have them in my house! Thank you so much for a great service.

– Barbara

Just wanted to give huge props to the Listings Project for providing me a place to stay in between apartment searching. I'm in the Coast Guard and recently re-located from Portland, OR and the listings project bequeathed me a cute sublet in Boreum Hill, right near the R train for daily Staten Island commute. Thank you!

– Hannah

Our listing as of last Wednesday the 1st, for a sublet in Bed-Stuy was successfully and once again amazingly filled as only the listing project can fulfill! You can take the listing down so the list can stay fresh and in the NOW! Thank you again for all your help/work!

– Kevin

Thank you for your excellent listing and assistance. I did find a renter on your lising despite being on 3 others and I had the most responses and the most qualified people coming from your listing. I heard you speak at the LMCC and now your artist's business speaks directly. How exciting to have that growth and to have reinvented an industry. All the best and I will certainly look forward to using your service again.

– Susan

My husband and I found our apartment through your list and we are ever so grateful. We adore our new home and have the most amazing landlords. We are so appreciative of the people you attract through you list, it's incredible really. Finding a home is one of the most challenging things to do in NYC so we appreciate you connecting those that you do.

– Suzanne

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing such a great service. The renters that I have found through the listings project have been great, and I refer people to your site regularly.

– Colleen

I wanted to thank you so much .... I found a wonderful roommate for June/July from your list!! An actress from Ottawa. we have a beautiful, respectful, spacious dance going and we are both grateful.

– Cyndy

Thank you so much for everything! Your website is a godsend and a total life saver! I don’t know what I would have done with out it! You are doing an amazing job.

– Lilly

Great minds think alike! Thank you Stephanie and thank you Carla for making our day.

– Karin Laansoo

I've been subscribing to your Listings Project for a number of years now. I'm Australian, and first moved to New York in 2008 to complete my Masters at NYU. The Listings Project was pretty much invaluable to me as I negotiated my way around living in New York, and it's been invaluable to the many friends I've passed it along to. I'm sure you receive many 'thank you's, but I wanted to add my own voice to the choir!

I've been back in Australia for a year or so now, but am planning a move to Los Angeles in August. I was wondering if you knew of any similar projects to yours running on the West Coast? Or maybe, my fingers are crossed, you already have a LA list?

Any suggestions you have the time to provide would be very gratefully received.

– Alana

As a newly retired professor who just moved from Manhattan (after 32 years) to Williamsburg finding a studio was a challenge. Thanks to the listings I found what is the perfect, private, quiet space I needed. I am thrilled and excited to have the first out of house studio in my life. Here's to new beginnings.

– Carol

Hey Stephanie. Just wanted to let you know that it all worked out and that I'm now happily ensconced in the East Village in the apartment advertised. Thanks a zillion for your service in providing these listings. What can I say? All the 20-somethings on Craig's List looking for someone to par-tay on the patio just didn't do it for this nice middle-aged writer:) So happy to be living with another adult in a great location. Again, my thanks.

– Nancy

Wow, Stephanie, The list had barely come out and my apartment was subletted! For now on when I go away, I come straight to you. One thing taken care of, now I can concentrate on a share for the gallery space. Thank you!

– Maddy

Hi Stephanie, Thank you so much for the email. I'll see if I get a response today from your listings. It's still great that people have looked at your site and sent an inquiry through my personal email on my website. I think you listings project is fantastic!!! Thanks again!

– Kiley

Hello Stephanie, Your mail is pretty incredible. Thank you for your generous work. I found my current beautiful housemate in greenpoint through your site and its been such a great experience.

– Yael

I just signed the lease on my new studio! Thanks so much for your service which put me in touch with a great location less than a day after I joined the list.

– Nayland Blake

I am so excited I rented my space for the summer the morning the ad was published for the first time on your list. He is a painter and a really great person. Your list is a godsend. Thank you for helping artists in a really productive way.

– Ginger

I found my apt through your list in Sept 2011. It's a cozy studio in the LES w/ the rare bonus of a bathroom bigger than cubbyhole. The day I saw the listing, I emailed the current tenant ASAP. She was looking for someone to take over her lease, and I set up an appt to view the apt for the very next day. I was the first person to view it, and I ended up getting the lease and moved in 3 weeks later. It's been a great building and apt to live in - and I know I wouldn't have been able to afford a place like this w/o your list. Yay for evading brokers' fees!

– Danielle

We are a danish couple from Denmark, Copenhagen. We are studying at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, The Designschool. Emil is studying industriel design and I'm studying illustration and graphic design. We have always dreamed of coming to New York for an internship. And this February we succeded in findes both great internships and the best and most sunny apartment in Brooklyn. We found the apartment through your mailinglist. We are interning in two different studios. Our apartment is luckely placed 20 minutes from our work. The apartment is perfect for us, because there is a lot of lights, a small garden, great furniture and it's even a very sweet neighborhood. And our host, is very helpful and friendly, we have a really good contact with her, eventhough she's in China.

We couldn't have found a better place for our stay in New York! Thank you so much for your fantastic mailinglist.

– Emil & Sofie

I am writing on behalf of my roommate, Mariel Sol, because she is working right now and because our household is so grateful to Listings Project! Mariel searched quite a few places before she found our place on the Listings Project. She visited a slew of places where either the space or the roommates left a lot to be desired [maybe mariel would have a sentence to describe that here]. We had interviewed people via Skype walking through for weeks. But we knew she was a great fit when she let us know she loved the space as much as we did. She is a musician and we are visual artists so we understood eachother's need to create but also the need for peaceful domestic home base that is so hard to find here. A week after she moved in I was diagnosed with cancer. I think I was expecting someone that new to the household would leave at that point or hide or something, but instead that is when we all bonded. She immediately jumped in volunteering to cook and babysit me whenever needed and her spirit truly helped keep the energy of the home upbeat and positive. It is a very long process to go through treatment and to heal, but she is there for me even still. I am so grateful for Listing Project because I feel like it's sense of two-degrees of separation, the pool of creatives, that other housing classifieds lack gave us a better shot at finding eachother. Now I help her make selections for imagery on her new album and she helps me schlep materials for exhibition installations. I don't think I could have found someone that quickly, seamlessly and with such a good match without the Listings Project. Thank you!

– Heather

A friend of mine recommended your listings project after I tweeted my frustration about apartment hunting in NYC. After about two listings, I found the exact apartment that I wanted, and was selected from 12 other individuals who interviewed for it. My landlords live downstairs from my new apartment (a situation that I have turned down several times prior to finding this place), and they are AWESOME! I'm moving to the new place soon, but I already have a bond with both of them. Who could ask for a better situation?

– Akilah

Hi Stephanie, This anecdote didn't take place in the last six months but I think it speaks to the special nature of this project, i.e., the creative community it serves. I moved to NY in fall 2009 to attend grad school. I was looking for something very particular - a time share for Thursday- Sunday in NYC, so I could live upstate during the week for classes. I also could not spend more than 500 per month! I posted a listing with this particular set of needs and heard back immediately. An artist who had a studio and home also up the Hudson River was looking for a time share partner, while she teaches in the city during the week. It worked out perfectly! She kept the apt from Mon to Wed, and I stayed there Thurs to Sunday. She already had a small studio in Williamsburg that only cost 700 per month (an even more rare situation!), and we split the rent b/t us! There were times when our days in the city overlapped, which allowed us to have lovely conversations about our practices and about art in general. None of this would've been possible through Craigslist, and only through something like the Listings Project. Though the situation was only temporary, I always cite this as my incredible NY living situation story. It was such a lovely confluence of circumstances and even more lovely to be shared by two people with deep investments in art.

Congratulations on the success of your project thus far.

– Michelle

We're 2 architects recently transplanted from Montreal and we sidestepped the NYC apartment hunt frustrations completely by using your list. We're now happily installed in a beautifully restored brownstone in Bed Stuy and gained new friends in our landlords below and neighbors above. We also used the listing to arrange our replacement in our old shared apartment. All the people that came were excellent and our former roommate is now living with a good friend of one of her old friends. Happy connections all around. Thanks for all your hard work,

– Nicko and Ksenia

It's really a wonderful service that you provide. I'm very impressed. And I love reading the listings, even better than reading the personals.

– Joanne

I was looking for a roommate, frantically and last minute, which seems to be the most effective way to get these things done. I posted to your list once, along with Craig's list. I posted to your list twice. The end of my lease came and went.

Frantic turned to fever as I started second guessing my instincts and forgetting to trust: THAT THE PERFECT ROOMMATE WAS LOOKING FOR ME AND WE WERE BEING BROUGHT TOGETHER NOW.

Then, I met a girl from Germany, she seemed calm and friendly enough but more importantly time was of the essence and she decided immediately in the affirmative to share my apartment. This was one or two days after my lease was up so I was overjoyed for any roomy bites which hinted at compatibility.

Needless to say, we live in a small apartment and have been living together now for four months, she has morphed from stranger into BFF:). Where I am weak she is strong and vice versa, so our relationship is enriched in learning about each other and ourselves. The ways we click are so many it is uncanny. Strange and wondrous are the ways...I am so glad you are facilitating the weird and wondrous. Matchmaking is an artistry (wizardry) all its' own!

Thank you Stephanie!

– Bryn

I was going to a residency and needed a subletter who would be kind to my apartment and my cat. After two weeks of getting no good prospects on Facebook, I posted to your list. Lightning quick, I received about 8 inquiries, all from people who would have been perfect. The first person I met was my dream subletter; he FedExed me research materials I had left behind, took great care of my cat, and improved my apartment with subtle interior design touches. I'm very grateful!

– Sara

I can't believe the response we got from your listing. It was overwhelming. We met so many great people and found a great new roommate who is already getting settled in. Sorry to all those we didn't get to respond to. Anyway, we just want to thank you. Your help made this whole process so smooth and painless!

– Rhea & Megan

Dear Stephanie, I posted an ad for a roommate a few months ago. it worked out great! we now live happily with a super sweet person from Scotland who bakes yummy cakes, yay!

we even knit together and we collaborate on a project for which we knit little hats for teapots. who knows, it might become a business.

so thank you very much for taking the time and putting in the effort in maintaining this network.

again thanks for all the great work, it really makes new york a better place for creative people.

– Mathieu!

Hello Stephanie! Thanks for your email. Thank you again for all of your help and effort - I always have great responses from the list every time I look for a sublet. OK! Have a happy V-day!

– Makiko

Dear Stephanie, I was tipped to your email from a friend, and I must say, your elegant, assuring prose is an island in the stormy waters of New York real estate. Thank you for your work with this, and I look forward to the messages.

– Drake

Thanks Stephanie! Your list is so essential to my New York experience. many thanks

– Ian

Thanks again Stephanie I appreciate it. Have found multiple awesome roommates thru your listing.

– Joey

Hi Stephanie, Thanks a lot! I've had great luck with finding an apartment through your listings, so hopefully I'll be as lucky in renting! Thank you for all your hardwork, it's a fantastic resource you've provided.

– Sarena

YAY! I felt such gratitude last night, when I submitted my listing, for your presence in my life AND for the amazing work your doing! The Listings Project is such a gift to all of us.

– Natasha

I must tell you I have received more than 20 emails in the last 24 hours and think I have decided upon the first person who came to see the room. I had multiple conversations with several of the respondees and may keep in touch with a few of them for later dates... when they will be in the country and looking for a space. Thank you ever so much! Your listing service is wonderful and I will recommend it to my friends as my friend recommended it to me. The quality of the responses was super. As a matter of fact I have responded to each person who replied (about 30) and have told them all I am sure they will find something great on your listings and have told numerous friends about you! I will look forward to my next visit to the listings..

– Patricia

I had my studio posted for rent on art supply bulletin boards and through Craigslist and only got two responses in 3 weeks. Someone told me about your site, I listed it and within one week I had about 30 responses. I just rented it to the first person who contacted me from your listing. I really appreciate what you are doing. It was tremendously helpful for me, I will continue to use it and spread the word to others that I know. Thank you so much.

– Monica

really really love that email u shared stephanie thx for the new year inspiration and always paying it forward!

– ali

I got a great response which is a testament to the power of the Listings Project and the art community it serves. I will definitely be using the Listings project in the future. Kudos to everyone who keeps the Listings Project up and running.

– Carl

Thanks so much! The site is beautiful, and I really like the way the listing is presented.

– Lydia

Dear Stephanie, I think your Listing Project is awesome and amazing! And I'm so glad its a part of my life.

– Bob

I was amazed to have three responses as soon as the ad came out, two of which want the space. Awful to pick, but what a lucky spot to be in!. I've selected one, and it's been a joy and such an easy thing to work with you. Thank you so much

– Susan

thanks to your Listing Project, I found very nice tenants for my apartment. I have to say that the people who came from your connection were much nicer and real professionals compared to the ones I received from craigslist. it was worth for me to place an ad in your listings and i will recommend it to all my good and nice friends. Let's keep it professional!!

– Anna

To my lovely, beautiful, talented, cousin Steph who i miss dearly, You've made another great connection! in looking for someone to keep subletting while i'm in berlin, I found (well I didn't even find, my current subletter kerry who already independently knew about your list forwarded me!) a post by Lily, who is a lovely woman here from australia for theater. i got in touch, she saw my place, we skyped, and i feel so happy and comfortable that she will be renting. so between you, myself, kerry, and lily, a wonderful, smooth, easy, trustworthy transition was created on all sides. so you've now had a hand in helping me continue with this journey.

– Rachel

The Last time I listed my Luminous Loft for sublet I said to myself: the first person to call is the perfect person, so it was, a great one in every way. That was six months ago, now I just posted a new one starting December 1st 2011 and I know it will be as great! Thanks for this safe space.

– Marisela

Hi Stephanie, I've been waiting to tell my listing story. I was returning to the city from summer break with the goals of finding a shop and finding true love. I gave a friend a ride back to New York and on the way she said she would forward me the listings project. Next month I found a 3 car garage in Williamsburg and went to go see it. I ended up renting it, building a soundproof masonry band rock room inside it, building robot drummers in the shop outside it, and dating the girl who rented me the room. Now I live with her next to the shop and we are very happy together. My robots won 6 blue ribbons at Maker Faire at the hall of science. I am almost finished recording a full length album in the studio, IT IS ALL REALLY AWESOME! Thanks for your help in this you big angel you!

– Tim

Sorry I couldn't give $25 for my listing; I just moved, and money is still tight...but I love what you do with this listing and wanted to give as much as I could. I had amazing success with subletting my last apartment, so much that the tenant has become a good friend!

– Heather

I'd been thinking about getting a work studio for a few weeks. My friend recommended I use Listings Project so she forwarded me the email and I subscribed. I browsed it casually for a few Wednesdays until one day I decided to check out one of the listings for a work space in Greenpoint. When I called I immediately got an appointment for later in the afternoon to come look at the building and I ended up putting a deposit down and signing the lease that day! I did not wake up Wednesday morning expecting to do that but I got exactly what I needed and it's perfect for me in every way! Thank you so much, I could have never done it if I were browsing classifieds myself.

– Gina

The last time I listed my studio in Manhattan, I had so many responses. But the first guy who called, and the first and only guy to see it, turned out to be the best subletter I ever had!

– E.F.

I had to share - I was talking to a fairly new friend on Saturday morning, and somehow we got on the subject of someone looking for an apartment. I (as usual) mentioned your list and said I'd forward it to her (I didn't call it by name, I just said, "I have this friend who has this great housing list-thing"). She said, "do you mean the Listing Project?" I smiled, and said, "Yea - that's my friend, Stephanie. In fact, I just danced with her last night!"

She told me that when she moved here from New Mexico, that's how she came here.... she found her place on your list. She said that Listing Project is "all the rage" in Santa Fe. Everyone knows about it...

I was so proud of you!!!

– Elyce

In the past I've rented to two different people from the List. Great roommates. One was an opera singer who was temporarily separated from her husband.. and finally got back together with him. Another was an actress and writer, who ultimately found a boyfriend and moved in with him. We keep in touch.. they are like adoptive daughters. I get the impression from reading your "stories" that other people have discovered to their delight that what started out as a business connection wound up as friendship. I wish you continued good luck with this "List". You provide a very worthwhile service and I think my job on the receiving end of that service is to remind you of that and thank you for it.

– Malcolm

I've been meaning to tell you this funny story. I was looking on Okcupid, the dating site, and I read in this guy's profile that he was looking for an art studio to rent. I wrote to him and sent your link and he wrote back that a few people on the site had already sent him your info already. Funny small world.

– Jaime

I got over 20 emails before 11am the same morning and had it rented by 7pm that day. Now that's efficient!!! Thanks again for your wonderful Listings Project.

– Minette

Dear Stephanie, I think your newsletter literally saved my life! I'd like to thank you for the most fabulous, livable apartment I have inhabited in NY. And also, not least, for bringing me to my two roommates, Joel and Michelle. Both were so kind when I recently fell ill, only two months after moving in. In fact, Michelle accompanied me to the E.R. So rest assured, you're saving lives :)

– Okka

Thanks Stephanie! Will share with you that I’ve loved subletting my place through the Project...meeting other artists, finding and sharing spaces in NY has been so easy and enriching. It’s a no-brainer to trust here...which can be such a concern with swaps and sublets -- live/work spaces are of such importance for creative people and the creative process. Thank-you for your effort and commitment, and for providing a place for artists to seek and find new environments. I LOVE to shake it up, this is a way to do it.

– Sara

Hey Stephanie, I had my rental unit posted on Craigslist for about a week before I could make your next posting. Absolutely dead - plus Craig's people are notoriously flaky. Yesterday when your listing came out my phone didn't stop ringing and the quality of serious people calling was high. Long & short is that I got it rented - to a friend of a friend. But the boost of your listing improved the paranoid state I was in after Craigslist. Sorry this sounds like a testimonial for a hair growth product. Thanks for being there.

– Bobby

Stephanie Each week, my girlfriend and I anxiously await the next edition of the Listings Project. Since we moved to New York, this has been the only sane, safe, reliable, and considerate venue for renting a new home.

And while we have not found our perfect permanent place yet, I love waking up each Wednesday morning and watching my girlfriend's face as she anxiously reads posts from wonderful Listings Project community. And as an aside, it is the only place we've seen so far that is 100% safe for the queer community.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment! You are a treasure!

– Hannah

Through the listings project I found an amazing couple from Montreal to sublet my place this past July. My apt was also in my landlords house, where one needs to share the common stair way, but my sublettors and my landlords got along famously given they all were artists!

– Darini

Thanks! My subletter is from one of your listings! The magic of stephanie's list is strong :)

– Sandra

Thank you Stephanie. I already got your first listing. It is fantastic!!

– Christian

Thanks Stephanie. And thanks for putting this together!

– Josh

Your project is precious!! I even told my real estate lawyer about it today :)

– Shlomit

I love stephanie diamond. She is an angel woman. :)

– Aylen

Hi Stephanie! I am moving from India to new york to study design at SVA. Sitting here in India and looking to find a place from here in less than a month ( so that I dont have to be stranded at the airport, when I get to new york ) has been giving me nightmares!

Have been going through the lists on craigslist which is even more stressful than the possibility of being stranded! A senior from SVA told me about you and told me to mail you!

I just wanted to tell you, that what you are doing is such an amazing thing, irrespective of me getting a place through your listing or not, I think its awesome that you found such a huge gap in student needs and are trying your best to fill it! Have already told a bunch of friends here too about it!

Looking for a place for two girls to stay, so if you know about some place do let me know! Cant wait to receive your listings! Thank you so much for your continued commitment to this project.

Good luck and Warm wishes from India

– Sana Rao

Thanks a lot for posting!!! I was happy to found a place trough your list. Next year I will try the same again, I am in love with Brooklyn now.

– Tanja

Thank you so much Stephanie! I am very impressed with your site, service and creating an artist network. Thank so much for doing this!

– Liselot

Your list is magic, its been less than 3 hours since the list came out, and i already have 8 responses! And I found a roomie from your list! I can't thank you enough. I had so many great people come by to see the place.

– Liza

Thanks Stephanie!

I have always scoured the Listings Projects even when I didn't need anything, but so glad to finally utilize it! Great idea/work/keep it up.

– Meg

Hi Stephanie

I bought one of the sandford biggers plates!! I love it..


Hi Candida!

I remember sending it to you! I am so glad you love it!

Thanks for letting me know. It means a lot to me to hear this!

I love your work! I think we met when I was at Skowhegan in 2000, you were visiting for Trustee Weekend.

All the best Stephanie



that was a long time ago! So glad to re-connect. I am looking to spend time in New York! Will be great to catch up!

– Candida

Me: Is this the Kate Green that curated me for a show Bard in 2003? If so, hello. If not, hello!

Kate: Hey Stephanie! It is me! It has been a long, long time indeed. I have followed your work from afar (moved to TX for job at Artpace and now am in PhD program at UT Austin) but didn't know about your list until I started putting feelers out there to friends about finding a sublet. ALL ROADS seemed to lead to Stephanie's List. Everyone I asked wondered if I had yet hooked up with your list. BRAVO lady!

I hope I run into you when I am in NYC this summer.

– Kate

Thank you SO much, Stephanie. Your listing is a boon to people like me and super appreciated.

– Shonquis

Thanks, Stephanie. I have heard such great things about your project. Please let me know if you think my posting should be edited in any way. I trust you. Otherwise, I am happy and glad to be a part of your list.

– Mitra

Awesome, thank you!! And thanks for being so available to help. It makes a big difference.

– Jess

Dear Staphanie, Many thanks for your kind message. I am very much impressed by what you have been doing! I will do as you suggest (though obviously not quick enough to be in this week's Listings Project email).

– Fabian

Hi Steph, I think its completely fair that you charge for the listings. Although its an amazing project the 'curatorial' process if you will must take quite a bit of time. Thank you for all your diligent work. The project is a wonderful thing.

– Carrie

Move over Criags List ... Now there's something better! I can't thank you enough Stephanie. This service is perfect for more mature young artists I got so many more responses of people who are cool and in their 30's, instead of a bunch of 22 year old student responses I was getting from Craigslist. I found the best roommate ever! We have so much in common, and I can't wait for her to move in! Worth every penny and then some!

– Ella Luckett

Dear Stephanie, I believe paying the fee is totally worth it! I found my current roommate in the first four days after listing with you. I only had to list it once. Maybe it was luck, but I'd happily pay to have that success again. The post really turned up great people. Thank you for your service!

– Katherine

Hi Stephanie, Loving your service, Thank you! I have been going back and forth between yours and craigslist trying to help my daughter find a place in W'burg and notice there is like 0 scams on your list. How do you screen them out? Is it just the networked newness of your list or are you a genie too? thank you for your great intentions!

– John

Yipeeeeeeeee! Thank you so much! I love that you allow 10 pics as compared to Craig’s list only 4! I get so many brokers calling me to rep my apartment for rent, but I don’t believe in paying someone for that or making the other people pay! Who the heck has an extra 20% of rent hanging around, not me!?!

– Bridget McHugh

Stephanie, I think charging on a sliding scale for posting makes sense. I can imagine how much work it is to maintain the list. I don't want you to stop, so I wanted to make sure to contribute at least once a year even if I don't post!

– Danielle

Dear Stephanie, First of all I want to commend you on the Listings Project! I think you do a fantastic job and I've recommended your list to many people. I understand completely the need to charge a fee. You do a tremendous job! The people who have responded to my ads have all been respectable and accomplished people! I thank you very very much and I wish you continued success with the project. I hope you can even make some money from it in the future!

– Nancy

Each week, my girlfriend and I anxiously await the next edition of the Listings Project. Since we moved this has been the only sane, safe, reliable, and considerate venue for renting a new home. I love waking up each Wednesday morning and watching my girlfriend's face as she anxiously reads posts from wonderful Listings Project community.

– Hannah
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