Community Agreements

The Listings Project team has outlined the ways you can help us uphold the exceptional level of care and respect that is foundational to our work as a force of communal good and collective care within the real estate and jobs industries, systems that are historically oppressive. 

We acknowledge that we can’t undo systems of power and oppression overnight. This is a lifetime commitment to change work. We invite our community to practice with us by actively challenging the behaviors and practices that maintain the status quo in these industries.

We expect all Listers in our community to hold themselves accountable to the agreements below. The term “Lister” refers to anyone who uses Listings Project. This includes those who post real estate, job and opportunities listings, those who subscribe to our newsletter, view our listings, and those who inquire about listings.

Above all else, the Listings Project community values and is committed to the following:


Providing equal access to opportunities and resources to all members of protected classes, including but not limited to those who have been historically excluded or marginalized.


Communicating clearly, openly and honestly when in touch with any Lister.


Taking responsibility for our actions, behavior, language, and impact.

Collective Care

Taking care of yourself so that you can take care of and be of service to your community.


Challenging oppression perpetuated by power inequalities in society, both systemic and individual expressions of oppression.


Being open to surprises and delights in every interaction.

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