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About Us

Listings Project is free weekly compilation of vetted real estate, job, and other opportunity listings geared towards artists and creatives. We believe in creating opportunities for all people to have equitable access to job and housing opportunities. We are committed to building a justice focused community.

Since we were founded in 2003 by artist Stephanie Diamond, we have connected thousands of people with apartments, roommates, art studios, jobs and opportunities. We have a vibrant and engaged community in 43 U.S. states and over 200 countries, including Los Angeles, New York, the Bay Area, Portland, Austin, Marfa, London, Paris and Costa Rica.

One of the things that makes Listings Project different from every other real estate or job listing site is how carefully we vet our listings. We review listings to make sure they meet our standards for equity and inclusion and we check for discriminatory or biased language. Our goal with vetting is to make sure that every listing you see is thoughtful, inclusive and personal.

All listers and subscribers to commit our community agreements and equity and inclusion statement to ensure every person actively contributes to maintaining our respectful, life-affirming, inclusive and justice focused environment. The agreements uphold the foundation of our work as a force of communal good and collective care in the real estate industry and job markets.

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Our Team

Julia Ruiz (she/her), is our Director of Customer Experience, overseeing the production of our weekly newsletter, vetting listings, managing customer support, and developing user experience based on customer feedback. Julia comes from an e-commerce background rooted in detailing customer journeys and communication for an overall smooth site experience. Julia resides in New York City, but is an avid Bay Area sports fan (true to her California roots!). During the spring, you’ll find her as an amateur florist; during the winter, you’ll find her by the space heater.

Scott Trudeau (he/him), our CTO, is responsible for all of the technology that keeps Listings Project running & growing. He brings a breadth of experience building both the technical and team capacity at non-profits and media companies, partnering with Stephanie to lead all areas of tending the community and systems to support it. At home, he is an equity and climate-focused urbanist advocating for sustainable and inclusive policies in his city and region.

Paloma Rodney (she/her), our Product Designer, is responsible for all aspects of the Listings Project product design and translating product goals into an intuitive user experience rooted in equity, diversity, and justice. Paloma has always been passionate about cities and their lived experiences and comes to us from the mobility and transportation sector. Currently, Paloma is based in Brooklyn, and 9/10 times, you can find her at a park.

Credit: Kristen Luce, New York Times

Stephanie Diamond (she/her), our Founder and CEO, is an artist, entrepreneur and community-builder.

Stephanie's art projects reflect her strong sense of intuition as well as her lifelong obsession with communal and private space. The interplay between individuals and the public play a role in all she creates. Some of her favorite art projects include a slumber party for artists, a six-hour dance performance in a museum, and of course, Listings Project.  

Stephanie’s work has been exhibited at MoMA, MASS MoCA, MoMA/P.S. 1, Studio Museum in Harlem, Queens Museum of Art, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Project Row Houses, Philadelphia Mural Arts, SculptureCenter, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum and the Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius, Lithuania, to name a few. 

Stephanie is a certified 5Rhythms teacher and co-founder of Hudson Valley 5Rhythms.

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Our Support Team

Ruchi Pinniger
Finance Manager

David Hsia
Legal Council

Veken Gueyikian
Nectar / Hyperallergic Media / Advertising Partner