How it all started:

I am an artist who grew up in New York City. I began Listings Project in 2003 when I was looking for a place to live. I emailed my friends to inquire about apartments for rent. I found a place, but kept receiving emails about available apartments, so I forwarded them to my network of friends and associates. People took notice, and began sending me specific listings to forward. I did, and have continued ever since.

I work with my Project Manager, Dana, and via email and phone with my development team. I have an accountant, pro bono lawyer, site designer, and various consultants who also contribute to Listings Project.

I create Listings Project every week by personally reading, curating and emailing each lister.

Stephanie's work space
Dana, Project Manager and Stephanie
This is where Listings Project began in 2003

Here's how to use Listings Project:

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