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Part Time
New York City

Looking for a caring, creative, dedicated caregiver to work one on one with a young adult female with autism on Saturdays between 10am and 3pm. Potential other opportunities for work. Must know how to swim.

A caregiver should be comfortable working on prompting the client through these skills using least to most guidance. She requires total assistance to take a bath each evening, have her hair shampooed and brushed (and minimally styled into a ponytail or braid) afterwards, brush teeth, get dressed, etc.

During her home sessions she practices a number of self-care skills such as dressing, undressing, eating appropriately, navigating the community and maintaining appropriate behavior during changes in her routine.

While the client goes to the bathroom independently, she needs reminding and help with proper hygiene.
She also receives medications several times a day and her caregiver will set out the correct meds (pills) based on a printed schedule and administer them to her at scheduled times.

Her meals are usually prepared by her parents or ordered from a restaurant but she needs her meals to be heated or minimally prepared (microwaved and plated) by her caregiver. She can eat independently and has a broad palate.

A strong understanding of behavioral management strategies is necessary for helping her through challenging moments wherein she is exposed to novel situations that may be anxiety provoking for her and can lead to behavioral outbursts.

Additionally, working towards independence while moving throughout her day is very important. She has a number of leisure activities she enjoys; drawing, listening to music and completing puzzles are some of her favorites. A person working with her should engage in these activities with her at times, but also give her space to enjoy them on her own and expose her to novel but similar activities in order to expand her leisure repertoire.

She engages in many physical activities throughout her day such as yoga, swimming, and running on a treadmill. While she has instructors for these activities, it is important for someone to support the instructor, aim for smooth transitions between activities and pass along effective strategies to ensure the most success and enjoyment.

The person working with her must be a collaborative person, ready to work with a team of other therapists, caregivers, and family. The person would be trained by various members of the team before working alone with the client.

About Us

Founded in 2022, Future Centered Care partners with clients to curate meaningful, supportive, and secure systems of care - for now, and into the future.

FCC currently works with neurodiverse adults and their families in the greater NYC area and Westchester County.

We know that ongoing person centered planning is constantly evolving. We have structured our process into three different phases, onboarding, case management, and future care/sustainability. We assess existing supports, develop comprehensive care plans, and establish and maintain a reliable network of care, for today, tomorrow, and the future.

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