Christina Cabot Actor Training + Private Coaching


New York City


$65-120/hr (zoom/private sessions/group workshop/on location)

Posted 28 days ago

About this Service

“Christina’s got the greatest instinct and natural meter for emotional truth.” - Edward Norton, Academy Award Nominated Actor

I hope you’ll agree with Edward Norton’s kind words about my coaching work! From novice to seasoned pro, I want to help you take your acting work to next level greatness. There is no “one size fits all approach” when it comes to nurturing the creative voice, and I work hard disseminating varied techniques from my own training and work experience in order to make the tools relevant and inspiring to my own actors. Whether we’re choosing a monologue for a theatre audition, running commercial copy to exercise that particular muscle, pulling scenes from tv and film scripts for breaking down and bringing to life, prepping for an agent or cd meeting, or doing exercises together in one of my small workshops, you will progress and find authenticity, a grounded truth and joy! And if you’re into Zoom — I know how to translate the work to that format particularly well. Especially when it comes to audition prep! Aren’t most all callbacks done this way now?? Let’s make sure you are at the top of your game.

You’re a human being and you already possess everything you need to be an actor…allow me to help you really strengthen your ability and help you make strong, bold, memorable choices. Tap Into why you chose to be an actor in the first place!

About this Lister

I love actors. I love being on set with them, and I love watching them on stage or in class. I could talk about Cassavettes and Gena Rowlands all day long or why Jimmy Burrows is the greatest sitcom director ever, and will love doing so even more when I know I’m doing so in service to others and the craft.
In addition to my own training, I’ve been directed by many of the greatest in the business and picked up a lot of good, good tools along the way, which I love to share. Self-tape and career consults are also available — casting directors WANT you to be the answer to their casting problems, so why not show them that you have what it takes? And if you’re just wanting to “dip your toe in” the creative waters and explore acting for the first time, I’ve got a plan for that, too.

Background and Expertise

A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, I trained with teachers including Stella Adler and William H. Macy, Bobby Lewis and Joan MacIntosh. Professionally, I have worked on-screen opposite such diverse talents as William Hurt, Don Chianese, Jennifer Tilly and Helen Bonham Carter in television and on film, and consider my time as a NY theater actor in the late 80’s and early 90’s absolutely soul-defining for all the best reasons. Directed an award-winning play at LA’s Court Theater, loving every moment. I truly eat, sleep and breathe this work and industry. So let’s get moving!


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