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About this Service

Hi! I’m a Mexican-Canadian. I speak Spanish, English, French, and a little Italian. My methods will suit you perfectly if your aim is to improve your written and/or conversational Spanish for:

- Travel
- Academic purposes (student and researcher exchanges)
- Moving to a Latin American country (digital nomads)
- Business purposes
- Immersing yourself into Latin American culture from the comfort of your home country.

I’ve lived in Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Italy, and New York. I’ve been bilingual since the age of 3 (Spanish and French) and have continued learning English and Italian in real-life settings as an adult. I also love music and martial arts!

About this Lister

I can offer you a wide range of language tools in Spanish. Having been raised in Mexico and completing my college and graduate education between Mexico and the US, in each class you can choose from a range of jargon that goes from the taco stand street Spanish, all the way to the academic journal English-Spanish equivalencies. I've also been immersed into the music ad martial arts settings in both countries, so we will have a wide variety of topics and jargon to explore together.

Background and Expertise

My classes are a space to make mistakes, safely. Without mistakes I don’t believe much learning is possible. So it’s my job to make sure you feel comfortable screwing up now and then. I have been a TA at NYU both for Undergrad and Graduate courses, and I understand very well the insecurities that come with learning a new language.

My teaching method places your own interests at the center of our learning process. Whether it’s your travel plans, your new job, your latest research project, martial arts, jazz, anime, history, Mexican culture, politics, food, pets, movies, or any other hobby of yours. I want you to have fun and to feel safe while learning.

I hold a graduate degree from NYU in Applied Statistics for the Social Sciences and I’ve tutored undergrads, Ph.D. students, and researchers who needed help with applying advanced statistical methods to social data for their dissertations. I’ve worked as a Research Scientist for international NGO’s and governmental institutions.

I've been teaching teen and adult learners from the US, the UK, Canada, France, and Belgium for the past 3 years, both remotely (over Preply) and in person (expats, exchange students, and digital nomads staying in Mexico).

What you can expect when booking a trial lesson:

Our first session will consist of an assessment of your needs, interests, and struggles. I want to get to know you and your goals, so I can craft personalized activities for you and we can start learning and having fun together.


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