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New York City


$45 per hour / sliding scale / project based

Posted 28 days ago

About this Service

I create customized ecommerce sites specifically tailored for artists. Whether it’s photography, painting, prints, sculpture, or merch, I can help you make a site and run a successful online business.

I begin by identifying your needs and goals: Do you already have an existing site or would you like to start from scratch? Are you selling your primary work or is this a side business? What types of collectors do you want to reach? What are your sales goals?

From here, we get to work building the site (with Shopify, Squarespace, or Wix), photographing the artwork, writing copy, integrating the site with social media shops, identifying your market, and optimizing the site for search engines (SEO).

Once you launch, we can work on the fulfillment process – shipping, billing, labels – and work on growing your audience through newsletters and/or social media.

Pricing is based on the scope of work. I offer a soup-to-nuts package which includes everything from setting up an LLC to maintaining your daily fulfillment. If you want to sell just a few items or overhaul an existing site, all options are available.

About this Lister

I’ve lived in New York City for 20 years and currently reside in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. I understand the nuances of presenting and selling art: how to delineate between the gallery and online; how to present the work within the right digital context; and how to write about the art succinctly.

Background and Expertise

Over the past ten years I’ve worked for a prominent artist where I managed print production and created an online store for his non-gallery work. I grew the digital business to become the top revenue source for the studio, generating many hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Before that, I spent a decade in media web production. I began working in the publishing business, editing and creating online content for magazines. I moved to book publishing where I developed an ebook program and sold new titles and a back catalog of hundreds of books.


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