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150/hr. | 80/hr. ( Meditation Class)

Posted 13 days ago

About this Service

Feeling concerned / confused / frustrated about your life's progress? Getting and energy reading helps make clear whether your energy (thoughts / feelings) are supporting your growth or not. The healing part releases what doesn't serve you anymore. This all helps to bring you into present time so you can create your life from a more grounded place.

Meditation Classes are an opportunity to understand your sensitivities and learn how to use energy tools to understand yourself to be spirit in body.

Available most days/eves. except Wed. and Fri.

About this Lister

I have been doing healing work for 37 years. I work on the physical level (massage), emotional/mental level (Rosenwork), and the spiritual level (energy reading/healing). Obviously, only energy reading/healing and meditation can be done remotely.

Have always been curious as to how the world works (including power dynamics and disfunction) which led to an understanding that I would like to help people wake up.

Waking up means you can see the reality in the world (or your family) and still be grounded. Being grounded means you are in your body, meaning in the present, meaning in your power. That's waking up.

Background and Expertise

Trained in the McKinnon Institute in Oakland for massage (certified by CMTC #10115 in Ca.), Rosen institute in Berkeley for Rosenwork and Spiritual Rights foundation in Berkeley for energy reading. My interest started in psychology and the human body which led to an awareness of spirit.
My site is here:


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