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50/day (flexible)

Posted 25 days ago

About this Service


I am planning a road trip throughout the South, coming from LA and ending up back in NYC, and I am putting out feelers for any house-sitting opportunities in the general timeframe of January - April of 2024.

I realize this is pretty open-ended, but if there are any house-sitting opportunities in the states of...

New Mexico
or any others!

(I'm planning my trip around my destination, so I'm open to most places in the U.S.) send me a message. Anything with proximity to nature and open spaces. Yeehaw!

About this Lister

My name is Venice - I'm 24 years old and born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I'm a writer/comedian/actor, and I'm hoping to travel around the U.S. before I move to London next year.

Background and Expertise

Currently, I am a production assistant at Paramount. I have been a personal assistant, babysitter, on-set production assistant, server, bartender, and more. I'm great with animals, kids, houses, you name it! Send me a message, I'd love to house-sit for you!


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