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About this Service

I am pleased to introduce my mobile spa in Brooklyn, NY, offering massage therapy services delivered directly to your home. This convenient service is designed to help you relax without the stress of traveling, ideal for those who work from home, busy parents, and anyone feeling anxious, stressed, or burned out.

My focus is on regulating the nervous system and providing trauma-informed touch for extra support and safety. In addition to traditional hand-based massage therapy, I specialize in Sarga, a unique modality where I use my bare feet while standing on the table to deliver slow, consistent strokes that realign overworked & fatigued bodies.

Breathwork, stretching, comfortable silence, and deep listening are some of the tools that can be incorporated into your session, depending on your goals.

About this Lister

I am a deeply intuitive individual who believes in the essence of our human journey. I support the evolving understanding of self-care and the open conversations about mental health, both on a personal and societal level. I also advocate for addressing the changes in our bodies due to the constant use of technology and social media.

With firsthand experience, I understand the impact that a lack of rest, breath, and pause can have on our minds, physical health, and spiritual awareness. I teach practical and simple self-care practices, believing that dedicating even 15 minutes to yourself can significantly improve how we value and care for ourselves without guilt.

These practices help in three main ways:
- Reducing self-neglect
- Allowing us to listen to our own needs
- Reminding us that we cannot pour from an empty cup

Additionally, I curate playlists for clients to enjoy during their sessions or incorporate into their everyday lives.

Thank you for considering my approach to holistic wellness.

Background and Expertise

I am a licensed massage therapist with over 10 years of experience, having worked in various settings including chiropractors' offices, high-end spas, and private self-care studios.

After spending time as a massage therapist on Fire Island, I moved my private practice to Brooklyn, NY.

Being a professional of intentional touch has granted me the opportunity to meet people from many walks of life and has deepened my understanding of our interconnectedness, inspiring me to spread the gift and movement of slowing down. s all.


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