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About this Service

A personalized, bespoke ceremony to purify and bless the energy of your space, restoring harmony and balance.

At Alchemi Advisory, we begin by understanding your unique intentions and needs. This personalized approach ensures that the ceremony is tailored specifically to you, whether you are starting a new chapter or rejuvenating your current space.

Harnessing the power of sacred herbs, incense, earth elements, and ancient rituals, Dasha carefully crafts a ceremony that purifies and blesses your space. This process is designed to clear stagnant energies and imbue your environment with positive, harmonious vibrations.

Utilizing techniques like smudging and sound cleansing, Dasha meticulously assesses and addresses the energy dynamics of your space. These methods dispel negative energies and restore a balanced, peaceful atmosphere.

Dasha's goal is to create spaces that exude positivity and balance. After the ceremony, she provides guidance on how to maintain this harmonious atmosphere, ensuring your living or working environment remains a sanctuary of positive energy.

Dasha’s approach is holistic and client-centric, focusing on the specific needs and intentions of each individual. By weaving together astrology, numerology, alchemy, and metaphysics, she creates transformative experiences that go beyond mere space clearing.

Why is a property aura cleanse important?

Creating a Harmonious Environment: An aura cleansing ceremony helps to create a harmonious environment in both homes and offices. This is essential for promoting well-being, productivity, and positive relationships. A balanced space can significantly enhance the quality of life and work.

Removing Negative Energies: Spaces can accumulate negative energies over time due to various factors such as stress, conflict, or simply the energy left behind by previous occupants. These negative energies can affect mood, health, and overall energy levels. Aura cleansing ceremonies effectively remove these negative energies, leaving the space feeling refreshed and positive.

Enhancing Personal Well-being: Living or working in a space with clear, positive energy can improve mental and emotional well-being. Clients often report feeling lighter, more focused, and more at peace after their space has been cleansed. This can lead to improved health, better sleep, and increased happiness.

Supporting New Beginnings: Aura cleansing is particularly beneficial during times of transition, such as moving into a new home, starting a new job, or after a significant life event. It helps to clear out old energies and make way for new, positive intentions. This can be a powerful way to mark the beginning of a new chapter in life.

Boosting Productivity and Creativity: For offices and workspaces, maintaining a clear and positive energy flow can boost productivity and creativity. Employees feel more motivated and less stressed, leading to a more dynamic and innovative work environment.

Post-Event and Guest Energy Reset: After hosting guests for an event or a home dinner, spaces can be left with residual energies that may be overwhelming or disruptive. An aura cleansing ceremony helps reset the energy of your home, removing any negative or stagnant vibes and restoring peace and balance. This ensures your space remains a sanctuary of positive energy, supporting your well-being and creating an inviting atmosphere for future gatherings.

Real Estate Energy Cleansing Services--
Why Energy Cleansing is Relevant for Real Estate:

Boosting Property Appeal: For both homeowners and real estate professionals, presenting a property in its best light is crucial for making a sale. An aura cleansing ceremony can enhance the overall atmosphere of a home, making it feel more inviting and positive to potential buyers. By clearing out any negative energies and creating a harmonious environment, the property becomes more appealing and stands out in the competitive real estate market.

Facilitating Smooth Transactions: Energy cleansing can help remove any lingering negative energies that might be affecting the property. These energies can arise from previous occupants’ experiences, stressful events, or even conflicts during the selling process. Clearing these energies can lead to a smoother and more positive transaction experience for both sellers and buyers.

Supporting New Beginnings: For buyers, moving into a new home is a significant life event. Aura cleansing ensures that the new space is free from any residual negative energies, providing a fresh start and a positive environment. This can help new homeowners feel more comfortable and settled in their new space.

Value-Added Service for Real Estate Professionals: Real estate brokerages, agents, and agencies can differentiate themselves by offering energy cleansing services to their clients. This value-added service can be offered pre-listing to enhance the property's appeal or post-purchase to ensure the new home is energetically welcoming. By incorporating this unique service, real estate professionals can provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to property sales and purchases.

About this Lister

As a fourth-generation Slavic alchemist, intuitive, and elementalist, I proudly carry the legacy of alternative and metaphysical wisdom passed down through my strong Slavic lineage. Raised in the Ural Mountains of Soviet Russia, I developed a profound connection to ancient knowledge, shaped by the rich tapestry of religious and Slavic traditions. My journey began at the age of 8 when I stumbled upon a palmistry book at home, igniting my lifelong passion for the mystical arts. Drawing from this early experience and a decade-long immersion in the world of luxury, I offer a transformative approach that harmonizes astrology, alchemy, and metaphysics, unveiling hidden potentials through the alchemical lens.

Background and Expertise

As the founder of Alchemí Advisory, my path has been marked by a decade-long immersion in the esteemed world of luxury. Drawing from this legacy and my profound understanding of the alchemical nature of energy, I offer a unique approach tailored to the specific needs of my discerning clients. My extensive experience includes working with celebrities, royalty, professional athletes, politicians, musicians, influencers, fashion designers, photographers, tech moguls, and other high-profile individuals, where I excel in addressing their unique requirements. Guided by my work with distinguished individuals in the luxury sector, I have developed a deep appreciation for the intricacies of harnessing and transforming energy. Inspired by this transformative journey and as a fourth-generation inheritor of alternative and metaphysical knowledge passed down within my Russian lineage, I weave the mystical realms of astrology, numerology, alchemy, and metaphysics into my work. This fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary insights creates a transformative experience that unveils hidden potential and meets the unique requirements of clients in the realm of energy and alchemy.


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