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Posted 27 days ago

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If you’ve taken countless writing classes but you’re still struggling to get to that first draft, this is the class for you.

Traditional writing classes involve little in-class writing and a lot of lectures. Assuming you already know the basic three-act story structure, this writing class is a space where you can actually start writing, but first, with a little bit of movement to get both your body and mind flowing. This class is a way to work somatically through your writer’s block.

Each class will start with a brief lesson on the writing process or elements of a three-act story structure that can work for short stories and scripts. Then we move into a series of yoga and functional movement-inspired exercises. We finally end with 15 minutes of writing. By the end of the course, you should have an outline of a story and a framework for exercise that you can use on your own to keep moving and writing.

The course will run for five weeks from July 9-Aug. 8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 am ET on Zoom. Tuition is $150 for the course.

About this Lister

I’ve written for most of my career, as a print reporter writing newspaper articles and later as a documentary producer writing treatments, questions and scripts. Recently, I’ve begun doing more creative writing on TV pilots and feature scripts. As much as I love writing, I was still getting paralyzed every time I opened a blank page. I noticed when I did an abridged yoga series or some movement exercises before writing, things flowed much more easily. As a storyteller and educator, I got excited to share this with others.

Background and Expertise

I’m an Emmy-nominated producer, video instructor, and am certified in 200hrs of yoga teacher training in Hatha Yoga.


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