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Posted 19 days ago

About this Service

I am offering my skills as a carpenter, plasterer, tiler, and all around handyman to help you realize the changes you want to see at home. I excel in finish work and have an eye for details.

About this Lister

I am a skilled craftsman with 10 years of experience in carpentry. My work in film and tv in set and props allows me to say I have built a spaceship, a cruise ship, a hoverbike, a dive bar bathroom, a boxing ring, and rooms upon rooms. It was fun, creative.

I have 8 years of permanent construction experience. I love form, prefer function, and am ready to work.

Decks, fences, walkways, interior and exterior trim, cabinetry, closets, tin ceiling, flooring, furniture…

Background and Expertise

Starting in leatherwork in 2005, I slid into set building and prop construction. About 10 years ago, I fell in love with an old abandoned house, and she has taught me so much about old construction, including plumbing and electrical.


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