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Posted 5 days ago

About this Service

I utilize writing as a healing therapeutic process.

We will meet so I can learn about who you are and how you see yourself.

Based on our connection, I will write you a love letter to support your self-development journey and take a tarot card (animal spirit deck) for divine guidance.

Previous receivers mentioned how much their letter influenced their acceptance and self-love journey.

I can write in English & Portuguese.

About this Lister

Born with a genetic mutation and owner of an unalike body, I had defied the odds and found ways to hack life from a young age.

I belong to a world where unimagined things are proven possible, and self-love is what guides my journey.

Recently, I discovered art as a tool to share my perspective and impact positively the world.

Background and Expertise

I have been doing therapy and self-development work for almost 10 years.

I've always approached healing from a holistic perspective, utilizing energy healing and tarot reading as additional practices toward healing.

I recently started writing love letters as a healing therapeutic approach. I initiated this approach with close friends, who encouraged me to expand the practice to a broader community based on its healing properties.

To make it accessible, as healing should be to all, I'm offering this service as a donation base.


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