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$25/hour (4x 1 hour classes)

Posted 19 days ago

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Looking to prepare a strong screenwriting sample? Want to know what it is like to work in a writers room? Want to connect with other screenwriters and have an accountability group for your screenwriting? Want to learn how to network digitally and actively work towards getting in your first writers room? If yes, these classes are perfect for you!

I will be teaching group screenwriting sample classes, each class is one hour and only $25 each (4 classes for $100 total). In it, you will learn about the modern-day landscape of screenwriting, you will get tips on how to do well in your first writer's room and you will have an accountability group to make sure you stay on top of your craft. I will also share my writing sample that helped get me in my first writer's room.

We will also be discuss several hot topics: (1) How putting politics over craft and business, hurts many artists (2) Whether or not resumes matter in screenwriting (3) How to create a digital platform for yourself (4) The importance of an "international mindset" when working on streamers

About this Lister

My name is Destiny Jackson, screenwriter and founder of Sisterhood Cinema. I am located in Brooklyn, NY and not only do I have experience working in a writers room (NBC/Peacock), I also have interviewed dozens of women who work in the film trades (Meg Lefauve - Inside Out 2, Camille Friend - The Little Mermaid, Caroline Thompson - Nightmare Before Christmas) . In the past few years, a lot has changed for those who work in the entertainment industry (especially screenwriters), I want to help equip you with tools that will help you to stand out and I want to share my experience of working in a writer's room so that you can know what to expect. You will also be able to meet and network with other writers and have an accountability group for your writing. I will also share resources and refer you to other organizations, mentorship groups that can help you with your screenwriting career. These classes are great for both amateur and professional writers or for those just looking to learn something new.

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