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Art & Artists

Where We Work: Art Studios in Brooklyn and Manhattan

By Mayela Rodriguez
February 15, 2021

Dozens of artists find and share art studio spaces every week on Listings Project. These artists are the lifeblood of our communities, keeping us connected to and engaged with the things that matter most. In our Where We Work series, we showcase some of these art studios.

A Multi-purpose Art Studio for Working on Art and Feelings in Brooklyn 

Where We Work_Lauren Altman

Photo by Lauren Altman

Lauren Altman is an artist, teacher, and artist coach working out of Brooklyn. You can also find her on Instagram.

“When I get to my studio, the first thing I do is work on one of my videos. I make educational videos about using art to work through difficult emotions. Before shooting, I pull an outfit from my wearable art collection—lately, it’s been a tie-dyed jumpsuit or a pant and blouse ensemble. This week, I’ve been sipping chai while embroidering jumpsuits (or what I call, “grief suits”) from my new series, “Grief is an Expression of Love.” At the end of the day, I move my laptop away from my creative mess to Skype a client from my artist coaching practice.” - Lauren Altman

A Light-Filled Art Studio for Experimenting in Red Hook

Where We Work_Deborah Ugoretz

Photo by Deborah Ugoretz

Deborah Ugoretz is an artist specializing in Judaic art and paper-cutting, working out of her studio in Redhook, Brooklyn. You can also find her on Instagram.

“Red Hook, which is where my studio is located, is a very inspiring neighborhood. Located on New York harbor, it still retains its historical shipping-days feel. When you enter my studio you will see paintings, small constructions, works in cut paper, screens, mobiles, and lots of reference books. I work in all of these mediums, experimenting and exploring different materials and techniques. I’ve arranged my studio so that everything is very close to my slanted drawing table which is the center of my workspace. I also have two work tables, a huge flat file, bookcases and a large wall on which I can paint. The light in my studio is clear and brilliant.” - Deborah Ugoretz

A Home Art Studio for Creativity and Coaching in Manhattan 

Where We Work_Leah Feuer

Photo by Leah Feuer

Leah Feuer is an artist and coach, working out of her home studio in Manhattan. You can also find her on Instagram.

“A few months before the pandemic hit, my husband and I decided to move back to Manhattan from Bed-Stuy. We went from living on the second floor of a townhouse to a small apartment on the edge of Chinatown. It took a lot of creativity to make space in our new one-bedroom for an art studio and office for two. The dining table doubles as my desk, the fire escape as my balcony, the wall as my studio. Somehow, though, it works.

A typical day starts with some fresh NYC air and a warm drink on the fire escape. I watch the street and eat breakfast—lately coconut chia seeds, grapefruit, or an egg on kale. Then I climb back through the window and get started on my coaching work or making art. It makes sense to me that art and coaching happen in the same space physically. Both are about processing, how we relate (to ourselves, others, our surroundings), and seeing things from a new perspective.” - Leah Feuer

Feature Photo by Deborah Ugoretz

Mayela Rodriguez, our Editorial Designer, works closely with the team to create designs for the website, newsletter, and user experience. A self-proclaimed “media-agnostic” artist, Mayela received her MFA from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. You can learn more about her work at

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