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Art & Artists

Where We Work: Art Studios in Georgia, New Jersey, and New York

By Mayela Rodriguez
June 21, 2021

Dozens of artists find and share art studio spaces every week on Listings Project. These artists are the lifeblood of our communities, keeping us connected to and engaged with the things that matter most. In our Where We Work series, we showcase some of these art studios.

An Artists’ Co-working Space in Athens, Georgia

WWW_June 21_1

Photo by Emily Unwin

Emily Unwin is the co-founder of Finley Light Factory, an artists’ co-working space, in Athens, Georgia. You can also find her on Instagram.

“Finley Light Factory is designed to be a place run by, and for, artists from marginalized identities. Athens, GA is a hot spot for cultural revolution, art, and mutual aid. Unfortunately, Athens is also rooted in a deep history (and very real present) of racism, classism, gentrification, and poverty.  FLF is a move for greater inclusivity of diverse artists in an artistic community that sometimes struggles to invest in artists outside of the “norm." Seven artists currently co-facilitate the space, including Noraa James, Abby Kacen, Maggie Scruggs, Convict Julie, Ruby Chandler, Emily Unwin, and Kristen "Rise” Joseph. We’ve also hosted Tayler Ayers and Zamir Stills on a temporary basis. The end goal is for the space to be not just for private work, but a public community gathering center for artists of all backgrounds.” - Emily Unwin

A Home Art Studio in Union City, New Jersey

WWW_June 21_2

Photo by Rekha Krishnamurthi

Rekha Krishnamurthi is a Surface Designer working out of her home art studio in Union City, New Jersey. You can also find her on Instagram.

“I work out of my home studio space in Union City, NJ (just outside of Manhattan, across the Hudson River). I usually start my day with a cup of tea, check my email and see if any orders came in overnight. If I do have orders to fulfill, I prepare them for packing and shipping. If I don’t have any orders, then I head to my craft desk area to sketch, read or plan a new pattern/design I want to create. In order to make maximum use of the space, I opted to have shelving units on the wall. My color palette is neutral - gray floors and window coverings with pops of bright colors and patterns (which is a reflection of my design style).” - Rekha Krishnamurthi

A Bright Art Studio in Brooklyn

WWW_June 21_3

Photo by Joe Henry Baker

Joe Henry Baker is a painter working out of his art studio in Brooklyn. You can also find him on Instagram.

“I was immediately drawn to the bright light and paint splattered floor boards - the space took very little setting up! I love to host here, and the large table with a wide variety of artists books, the couch, the quiet, all these aspects make the space very calming and conducive to great conversation. Otherwise I like to keep the studio open and flexible, as I tend to work on large scale works, and I’m continually changing out the gallery wall side. It’s a real sanctuary above the bustle of the street below.” - Joe Henry Baker

Feature Photo by Joe Henry Baker

Mayela Rodriguez, our Editorial Designer, works closely with the team to create designs for the website, newsletter, and user experience. A self-proclaimed “media-agnostic” artist, Mayela received her MFA from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. You can learn more about her work at

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