$1,300 Room Open in Queer Collective House

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Crown Heights, Brooklyn


August 15, 2024


Nostrand Ave A/C, Kingston-Throop C, and B43 bus stop

Glitter House, our queer collective house in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, has a room coming open on August 15.

We're looking for someone who shares our priorities around building a home together: being a household rather than roommates, putting time and energy into the home, sharing expenses, keeping things clean, enjoying each others company, etc. We tend to have more house dinners than house meetings and value good, direct, communication.
And, very importantly (and also an example of the kind of collective planning we do): we're a mixed-ability household during a still-ongoing pandemic that's killing over 1,000 people a week in this country alone (yes, still). The shared practices aren't negotiable, but we are creative in figuring out ways to make things possible within the bounds of our care for each other. We will continue to work together to adapt our practice to the concrete conditions of the pandemic as they change, and to the state of the research as it expands.
At this point, what we do is: wear masks when out of the house and around other people, except when in outdoor spaces that aren't crowded; socialize indoors unmasked only with people who do likewise; minimize our time in public transit, other high-density/low-ventilation spaces, and in crowded outdoor spaces.

The room will be available August 15th – it is large and airy, on the top floor with two west-facing windows. The rent is $1,300 plus shared expenses like staple foods, utilities, internet, etc. We ask for first month and deposit upon move-in (with some flexibility possible).

About This Lister

Glitter House has been a queer collective house since 2008; we moved into our current space in 2011.

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The house:
* We have a whole row-house to ourselves: two kitchens, sun-drenched living room, dining room, cozy garden backyard, five bedrooms with no shared walls, (free) clothes washer & dryer, etc.
* We're midway between the Nostrand and Kingston/Throop stops on the A/C subway line, and the B43 bus stops on our doorstep.
* We can be a little messy, but never dirty - keeping our shared spaces lovely and usable is important to us.

The household:
* Glitter House has been a queer collective house since 2008; we moved into our current space in 2011.
* We share staple food shopping and expenses, and often a summer farmshare and vegetables from our own garden. In the past, some of us have also made joint dairy farm orders and participated in a homebrew share.
* We are a mix of vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores; we take care of each other's needs while staying generally low-key about it.
* We are a house of adults that works on a basis of shared respect and assuming the best about each other - and liking each other's company a lot.

The housemates:
* are busy, active people who like to use our home for projects, naps, and (in the past, and hopefully the future) parties;
* are radical glitter-strewn queers (as in smash the state) with complicated genders (you must be trans- and queer-friendly);
* sometimes have loud sex, sometimes play loud music (musicians are welcome), and always respect each other;
* are VIRULENTLY anti-drama and deal with things directly.

* have no pets (non-negotiable, alas!);
* have been around the collective-living block enough to know what you need, and what you want;
* want to build a tight-knit household and community without roommate codependency;
* enjoy occasional dance parties, movie screenings, meetings, and other hijinx around the house;
* love the queers and the trans folks;
* are as annoyed by dishes left in the sink as we are.

If you think you’d be a good fit, please in your reply tell us why! Know someone else who’d be interested? Send 'em our way! Thanks!


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