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About this Service

Are you feeling stuck in emotional and behavioral patterns that don't seem to have eased, even after years of talking about and 'making sense' of them in traditional settings? Do you have physical symptoms that don't seem to have an explanation?
Whatever it is you are struggling with, we will work together on finding the parts in you that keep you from feeling whole and embodied, befriending, rather than fighting them, discovering that even the emotions and behaviors we most struggle with have good intentions and have served us well so far in navigating life.
We might listen more than talk. Listen to what the sensations and emotional states in the body are telling you. Listen to the inner narrative. You will find that the answers are all within you, and have been all along. Release, relief and emotional freedom await you on the other side of listening.
My approach is completely geared towards each individual. There is no agenda, as I learn every day that there are no two people alike.

In my practice I draw from diverse Somatic modalities as well as Mindfulness, Inner Child work, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Compassionate Inquiry and with couples, RLT (Relational Life Therapy).


Nervous System Regulation

Stress Management 

Addictive Tendencies, Addictions & Substance Use Disorder
Relationship/Relational Issues

Grief, Letting Go & Ambiguous Loss

Life Transitions & Fear of Change
Self Esteem
, Boundaries, Saying No 

Identifying Needs & Wants, Saying Yes

Re-examining Core Beliefs
Cultivating Curiosity & Compassion
Generational, Systemic Trauma
Strengths Recognition & Affirmation
General “Stuckness”
, Mindfulness & Meditation

-Consultation is free.
-Sessions are typically 1 hr.
-Available remotely worldwide.
-I work with all relational issues/conflicts: traditional and non-traditional couples, relationships within the family, friendships, colleagues etc.
-This is not psychotherapy or counseling. I do not diagnose or prescribe medications and come to you with a deep belief in your inner wholeness. I do not view clients through a lens of pathology or unresolved psychological issues

About this Lister

I come to this work as a Somatic Practitioner/Coach by way of my own transformation.
After years of trying to talk myself into healing in traditional settings, I was introduced to a Somatic Practitioner. Working with them ultimately guided me from decades of merely existing towards being alive. From living for the outside validation of others, even strangers, to the inner awakening of being my very own and only true resource. My life had felt like it was run by the same negative emotional and behavioral patterns for as long as I could remember. Peace of mind and spirit felt unattainable.
By working with my different internal parts I began to understand that nothing was 'wrong' with me and that only by being in loving, compassionate and present relation with all aspects of my Self, would I be able to build the same kind of relationships with others.

Background and Expertise

My work is grounded in years of social change and trauma work with an organization I founded in NYC helping female survivors of all types of abuse, and coaching individuals struggling with trauma and addiction as a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach.
Having been an artist all my life, there was a calling to pass on what had facilitated my own transformation to others for a long time, and I finally began my trainings in 2015.
I am certified in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapies and Mindfulness (MBSR) and have extensive training in RLT and IFS.
Deep gratitude to the amazing teachers and sages who have brought me here.

Some kind words:
"Seven month ago I reached out to Heiki during a period where I was experiencing symptoms of CPTSD daily. My trauma had deeply affected every aspect of my life for almost the entirety of my 28 years.... After living so long with depression and life ending thoughts, I didn’t think I was capable of being different. As it turns out, I am. I’m learning that my body and my life can be a safe place to inhabit.... Heiki is incredibly patient and equally as warm. She’s great at creating a safe container... I’m always in awe of how present she’s able to be during session.... I’m so grateful, words fall short."
RH, Client


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