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About this Service

Are you ready for taxes?
Is your small business a mess?
Do you have a good accountant you trust?
Do you need help creating workflows or systems to keep yourself organized or need weekly or monthly check-ins and full bookkeeping and business management support?

I can probably help you.

I offer full bookkeeping services that will help you organize your records in order to file your business and/or personal taxes. I can also help you strategize, problem solve or make decisions that are stymieing you. I can likely ask you enough of the right questions that can help you find your way through a problem.

About this Lister

I am a freelance Bookkeeper and Financial Controller for small businesses and organizations. I am also a Line Producer and former Head of Production for documentary films and series.

I learned bookkeeping while working as an Office Manager back in the early 2000’s. At some point, I learned there was such a thing as a Freelance Bookkeeper and I could make great money, have my own clients and make my own schedule. I quit my shitty job soon after, when the owner of the studio I worked for got up and yelled at me when I asked for a raise and attempted to justify it. I walked out that moment and went into business for myself.

I placed an ad on Craigslist and quickly built a business with a client roster of one-off and then weekly clients who were struggling to run their own businesses. Some messes were epic, requiring the untangling of inconsistent, sloppy, or simply non-existent bookkeeping, a form of financial auditing I strangely enjoyed. Finding all of the puzzle pieces and putting them back into an order that made sense and was accurate enough to close out a year and get taxes filed came with its own satisfaction. Significantly, the gratitude and relief I saw in clients who, before meeting me, experienced no small amount of anxiety when even thinking about their financials, much less attempting to tackle them, was incredibly rewarding.

Background and Expertise

I've worked for an art fair company, a restaurant & catering business, the uber cool Brooklyn boutique Bird, architects, small non-profits, a chiropractor, an interior designer, and documentary production companies. That last industry eventually won my full attention and I have been working at a consistent and high level as a Line Producer and Head of Production in documentary for over 15 years. I manage the budget, schedule and staffing for projects ranging from 500K to $10 million. I still do my own internal books for all of my projects to assure accurate reporting at any given time. With accurate accounting of every cent received and spent, no problem, creative or otherwise, can go unsolved.

While the landscape has changed since I was solely providing bookkeeping and organizational services, the needs of small business owners has not.

Rates start at $50/hr. I can offer a sliding scale depending on the need and nature of the work.

Feel free to get in touch and let me know what you’re looking for or what problems you need help solving and maybe I can help.


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