Building Mural in Small Catskills Town + Nature / Art Retreat

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Posted 5 days ago

Hudson Valley / Upstate NY
Catskills, Roscoe

This project is a for a mural on one of the city buildings in Roscoe, a small town in the Catskills, and an art / nature retreat while creating the work.

I know the owner and received permission to curate at least one, potentially a series of murals on his building in center of town. For now, it will be a single mural.

The retreat aspect comes from a free stay while completing the project in the tiny house on my property, in the middle of Catskill Park, about a 10 minute drive from town, immersed in nature.

I decided to curate rather than DIY the mural, putting it out there for inquiries and submissions from fellow artists.

The mural theme should capture aspects of the invisible history of the place. For example, the Lenape Native American tribe that inhabited the place before American settlers, or the animals or nature / spirit aspects that have always existed.

This is a thematic goal but not 100% fixed; if you have other ideas, they can be proposed.The mural can be abstract, figurative, or a mix. It can fall in the realm of contemporary art and this is welcome.

It does not need to follow muralist or street art traditions necessarily, but you need to have experience painting medium scale murals on buildings or similar surfaces, outdoors. In this case, the surface is stucco, with windows and an air conditioner access hole to consider in the composition.

In any case, sketches or mockups will be required as part of curatorial process. My guess is the mural will take 1-3 days to complete, and potentially require a site visit before starting, to absorb vibe, consider ideas, measure, etc.

You need a car or ability to borrow one, because the mass transit up here is not good and will be too difficult to arrange without a car, considering the work in town and staying in the tiny house.

All art material costs are covered (paint, etc). Small stipend on need basis available for food and gas during project / retreat. The $250 listed here tries to capture basic idea of materials plus meals / gas, but it can be tweaked. The tiny house retreat is in kind and treated like a residency to support your creative time, to recharge, refresh, etc beyond the mural part.

I'm available to help with info, measurements and any details needed. The timeline is ASAP, during good summer weather, because the property is up for rent. So it's best to get the mural done soon, so a future tenant will consider it part of the building.

In attached photos, the mural will go on the white wall on the building facing parking lot.

Please send an introduction, any questions, CV, portfolio links, examples of past mural work, and if you wish, any proposed ideas. If you have local or historical connections to the Catskills and this area, please share as well.


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