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$75/hour for declutter/ organize; design projects vary. Sliding scale available.

Posted 24 days ago

About this Service

Decluttering, organization, and interior design: I can do it all!
No matter the current state of your home, I can take it to where you want it to be. This work can be personal, and cathartic, and I'm here to listen and hold space for any emotions it brings up. Ultimately, I'm here to transform your home into a space that brings you true joy.

The declutter/ organize info:

I’m available for a one-day project, multiple-day overhaul, or ongoing visits to continually keep your home clutter-free and organized. I can take donations to Goodwill, hang art, repot plants, list items you want to sell-- you name it.

$75/ hour, 4 hour minimum
$100 deposit due upon scheduling. 24 hour cancellation policy. Free 15-min consultation via phone or video call.

The design info:

We'll start with a free 15-min consultation via video call. From there, I'll visit your home, take measurements, and get to know your design taste. I'll create a detailed proposal, $750 per room. Finally, I will make purchases, communicate with contractors as needed, and/ or deliver and install the design elements (installation and styling are charged by the hour).

I have availability starting now in New York City. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions. I'm excited to get to work on your space!

Some testimonials:

"Emily, working with you is a dream! You really made this unmanageable task feel completely achievable. I had a guest over this weekend, and I knew exactly where to get them extra bedding – and I didn't spend time breaking my back moving around heavy boxes full of mystery items. Thank you!" - M

“Going through my room is something I’ve been putting off for years. Emily took a daunting task and made it not only possible but really kind of fun. She was so calm and encouraging, and while she had a system, it never felt like she was pushing her own agenda or opinion. She helped me figure out what I wanted to keep and what I could let go of— totally without judgment. I cannot believe we combed through my entire room in a day. What a relief!” - D

About this Lister

I’m Emily. I grew up in Massachusetts, went to acting school, worked on an organic vegetable farm for a while, and now live in Brooklyn. I am a writer, I work in peoples' homes, and I'm always keeping my eye out for the best secondhand furniture finds.

Background and Expertise

I have 9 years of organizing experience. I’ve done a truly wide variety of projects— my high school teacher’s office, apartments and homes for clients ages 10 to 80, storage units, a farm stand grocery store and walk-in fridge… and I absolutely love this work!


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