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About this Service

Digitizing Service

I offer digitizing and an archiving service for important documents, art work, journals, family photos, film negatives, photo slides, home videos, your personal movie collection and music collections. All files are transferred onto a flash drive for you to access on your computer. See below for the media formats I am able to digitize. Additionally I can input your records, tapes, and CDs on Discogs or Ebay. I also offer scanning services of books for professors and academics. My service is a great gift for a friend or loved one who has a collection collecting dust.


PHOTOS- photos up to 8''X10”. My scanner color corrects and removes red eye. I do not offer photo restoration but can offer recommendations for people who perform this kind of work.

SLIDES -Standard 35mm (1.5” X 1”) and Medium format slides ( 2” X 2”)

FILM NEGATIVES- 35mm strips

VIDEO- Betamax, VHS, HI8 & MiniDV camcorder tapes and DVD and miniDVDs. These formats are digitized into a high quality MP4 files.

AUDIO- Vinyl records 7” and 12”, Cassettes and CD’s. These formats are digitized into a high quality MP3 files.

At this time I do NOT have the capability to digitize any 16mm, 8mm/Super 8 or 35mm film reels. I can recommend a few places in NYC that offer this service.

My past clients have included writers, DJs, artists and business owners. I am a friendly detail-oriented person with 15 years experience in arts administration.

I would love to hear more about your collections! I'm located in New York City and can work remotely. Rates depend on the scale of the project. To set up a consultation please contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

**The image is from the online exhibit of home videos that are archived on the MOMA website** https://www.moma.org/magazine/articles/276

About this Lister

I am a friendly detail-oriented person with 15 years experience in arts administration. Im an artist too, Check out my website at emmazurer.com.

Background and Expertise

As a fourth-generation New Yorker brought up by a family of artists, I was surrounded by collections of art, music and assorted ephemera. This exposure has manifested into a archiving service for clients around New York City that I started in 2021. Before my work as an archivist I had a career in arts education for 14 years.


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