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Posted 22 days ago

New York City
$25 per hour

We are seeking out a makerspace host who is responsible for setting up, hosting and providing guidance to the guest. Person's also's responsible for reorganizing at the end of the event.
The initial hours can be 8 to 16 hours per week.

We are creating a makerspace salon here in a historic 1920s industrial building in East Williamsburg.

If you yourself are passionate about a maker space this may be your calling. If you are a builder / artist or have such aspirations and you lack access to a space you should at least explore this possible venue.

The space already has multi-material / woodworking, welding, metal fabrication and industrial sewing shop equipment. This is more dynamic than a singular wood or welding shop.

The makerspace salon:

The photo captioned with the vintage industrial cabinets and workbench will become the initial public salon space. We will need to create a salon atmosphere whereby there are work tables utilizing our vintage industrial chairs throughout the building for a start. As needs grow it could expand into the garage front area. The operative words are: it should be safe, social and fun.

As interest grows, I am also open to the idea of opening up our detailed library for certain arts and crafts salon usage. Likewise, the building boasts an amazing rooftop garden which could be utilized for workshop events as interest increases.

The photo captioned with the various tooling, welding machines etc is to support the public salon space. The building is an authentic 1920s industrial building that has had contiguous fabricating use and the potential is far greater than a storefront or a cinder block makerspace. This is the real deal.

Just down the block from us, there's already the energy of a vintage record shop, two eateries and a boutique coffee shop, plus a vintage clothing store. We have four subways near us. The L, M & J and G trains, three subways are a block and a half away.

The rollout: We plan to start with some easy makerspace salon projects to build a craft building community vibe. We're looking to hire people who will manage the space and possibly have social media skills. People will be paid for setting up and hosting events. As any incipient project, it takes time to develop and this one's no different. I'm not looking to draw any money for myself to develop this project. I have other means of income. Importantly this industrial building has various spaces which can be utilized as the project develops.

If you are entrepreneurial, or passionate of makerspace or an artisan needing some space or loves the community of teaching others this may be a good fit. I wish to preface that we don't need any funding or money. We are planning to start out small perhaps one afternoon/evening per week to hopefully develop into a consistent full-time access makerspace offering various venues.

For artisans and craftspeople in the know, NYC & its surroundings are daunting because it's so difficult to afford even a tiny work space. I am including photos to demonstrate the space already exists! Yes, there is work required to make the initial industrial workspace feel sought after as a comfy social makerspace lounge as well as other important protocol details.

For those interested:

Mention what skills you may have to make contributions to the above project.
Please mention your bio in your own words, what's your background maybe, what's your interests are, what skills you may have and what skills you may be interested in learning?

Include your contact info such as your email address, direct phone number and better times to reach you.

Depending on your written response, I am welcoming people to view the space to gather the potentiality and how there are so many intimate authentic spaces within this industrial building.

About Us

About Myself:

I have been an ongoing volunteer member of the Fixers Collective. (Feel free to Google us) we've been reviewed by the New York Times, Cranes, HuffPost, Wall Street journal, etc. The purpose of the Fixers Collective is that we who have skills can repair complicated objects and items that people bring in for free. I'm the token woodworking master volunteer of the group. Depending on the person's skills, we also try to get them involved in the repair process. This has been an ongoing group for 14 years.

Additionally, I have been active in volunteer urban greening for the last 20 years. I have citations from NYC parks as well as US forestry crediting my efforts. The rooftop garden is not just a pretty garden. It's maintained by a drip irrigation system created with the help of working with civil servants within horticultural community. I have three times the plants as shown in the library photo. To digress a little, I'm not interested in this just being a makerspace in one format but interconnecting various skills such as plant care, building skills & teaching others the value of interdisciplinary skills.

I have a contiguous history of building and fabricating. I ran an amazing 3 to 7 person architectural woodworking shop for many years. I renovated vintage motorhomes and trailers as a way of gaining an intimate knowledge of the diversity of our country. I created many different business venues all based on my hardcore building skills.

What others perceive as challenging work, time and time again I engendered a work crew philosophy whereby we walked right through the adversity of labor which is why it was so much fun. Upon visitation, I can prove this in multiple ways.

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