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About this Service

I'm offering a service to men who need help figuring out what to wear. Dressing with intention is a survival skill I had to learn on my own, and I'm good at it.

Together we will:

- sort through your wardrobe,
- sift out what you can get rid of
- and what you can build upon.

I'll teach you about how to:

- dress for your shape
- and for your skin tone,
- how to take care of your clothes,
- and what is working for you and why.

By the end of our first session, you'll be more confident and more embodied, and you'll have these life skills for improved personal presentation.

Self-taught, a survival skill that many of us wish we had. I learned how to do this as a necessity, without an older brother or male mentors guidance.

My method is:

- to show you what works for you and why,
- what's missing and where to find it within your budget while avoiding 'fast fashion' garments that will fall apart after two washes.

I'm interested in fashion history, textiles and textile production. My goal is that after a few sessions you won't need me anymore.

Email me your intention (whether for an upcoming event, building outfits for daily wear, or a review of your wardrobe).
I look forward to learning about your goals and making a plan for your success!

About this Lister

I'm an interdisciplinary artist, my work is in collections in Canada, US and Europe, and my writing has been published internationally. I split my time between New York, Toronto and Berlin.

Background and Expertise

I have a trained eye for color, having been traditionally trained as a painter and studied the European Art History canon intimately. As a stylist however, I'm self-taught. Dressing with intention is a survival skill that many of us wish we had. I learned how to do this as a necessity, without an older brother or male mentors guidance.

Any time I had a question, a doubt, or recognized that colors or textiles weren't working for me, I've researched what was off base, and how to resolve it for myself. I'm constantly researching textiles, and when I have the good fortune to travel for an exhibition of my work, (I had fantastic experiences in Mumbai at a textile shop and in Istanbul at a leather cobbler, from which I designed and made clothes for myself. ) I learn something about local textile traditions, in museums, textile shops. I feel it's important to learn enough to respectfully ask informed questions.

References are available upon request.


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