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Posted 20 days ago

New York City
Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn

Creative fabrication studio based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard seeking experienced metalworker for high-end sculpture and design work.

Everyone who works in our small team is a creative in their own right, and each of our personal creative practices is supported by the studio, most specifically through a highly flexible schedule and monetary compensation that allows a three day work week to support a basic quality of life in NYC.

These three work days are focused and efficient, but provide for a significant portion of a worker’s weekly time and energy to be spent pursing one’s own creativity outside of the workshop. We have found that through this arrangement, consistently making a best-in-class product is far more feasible than at the standard 30-50 hours a week asked of many in our field.

If you are a creative looking for a better balance and meet our requirements, we look forward to considering you for our team.

Required Candidate Attributes and Experience (non-negotiable):
•5+ years of sculpture fabrication experience (any material)
•3+ years of design/build, millwork, or contractor experience (any material)
•Proficiency in both TIG and MIG welding, cutting, and finishing work in mild and stainless steel. Comfort working with loose compound curves as well as precise angles and measurements.
•Intuitive understand of organic form and shape (we love ceramicist and figure artists)
•Exceptionally strong spatial reasoning skills and the ability to communicate them
•Ability to work safely and comfortably in a dense and ever-changing workshop environment
•Ability to lift 50 lb regularly
•Familiarity with gantry, hoist, and other rigging
•A high degree of reliability, punctuality, integrity, and personal accountability

Ideal Candidate Attributes and Experience (not required to apply):
•High-end design fabrication experience
•Art-handling / preparator experience
•Exotic metals proficiencies (Aluminum, red metals, jewelry)
•Machining experience (Lathe, Mill, CNC, etc.)
•Carpentry experience
•Familiarity with automotive type, resin-based body work.
•Valid welding and cutting licenses or certifications.
•Driver’s license. Forklift experience. Comfort with driving vans/moving trucks in NYC.
•Foundry and/or forge experience

About Us

We are a small team of fabricators and creatives working in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

How to Apply

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