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Part Time
New York City
Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

We are looking for a teacher who delights in children, who understands how to create order and function in a classroom but who also knows how to connect directly with a young soul who may not have the oral language to connect but speaks in, as is so often referenced, the hundred languages of childhood.

We are looking for a teacher who knows when to jump in and out, who knows how to read the energy of the room and who is open to learning some basics around teaching early math and early literacy.

The hours are between 25 and 30 hours a week and until we grow larger starting payment is $25.00 per hour with ten paid vacation days in the winter.

The days are filled with possibility but we need someone who can play with possibility. Someone who understands that children are to be respected, taken seriously, convened with and who will not view their developing abilities as deficits.

The process of socialization that occurs in a classroom at this age, and indeed everything that happens in these first years is of such tantamount importance that it is unrivaled in the child's future years.

We exist frequently in the years before memory, but what is happening in the classroom is that of deep learning, that of deep association that will forever affect the children in our care. In other words, you may not remember your first teachers, but you are different as a result of them.

We also have an on-site kiln which we offer teachers the opportunity to use at cost, which comes out to quite little.

Thank you,
Allison Bosworth

About Us

We are a small preschool with hopes of growing larger. We are going into our fifth year in the same location. Our days are filled with laughter, tears too but nothing we can't handle. Early childhood is a spectacular example of metamorphosis. We invest our time, our emotions, we dare to impose our hopes and ambitions and we are at times rebuked and at other times invited in and we are transformed in the process as well. Looking into the world of early childhood is like looking into a pool in the middle of the forest. Light, movement, shadow, everything combines into a meaning that is constantly in flux. Come give it a whirl.

How to Apply

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