Weekday Support Staff for 22 year old (Female) on the Autism Spectrum

Future Centered Care

Posted 13 days ago

Part Time
New York City
Tribeca, Manhattan

We are looking for a weekday staff person to support female client attending weekly daytime programming and provide support with activities of daily living (ADLs), any necessary supervision, accompany on outings, and keep client’s time productive and engaging.

Responsibilities Include:
-Guidance/oversight during daytime-programming activities
-Plan and carry out activities in the home and out in the community
-Assist in maintaining client’s schedule of activities of daily living (ADLs)
-Provide prompts and coaching to further develop independent living skills

About the client: Client is a 21 year old woman on the Autism Spectrum. She is a happy, healthy young woman who enjoys following a daily schedule of structured activities, often complemented by (less structured) visits to community venues (e.g., local stores, the zoo). Client has solid receptive language (can follow basic instructions) and low expressive language (typically uses one to three words to convey key wants). Client has solid command of some ADLs (e.g., can use the bathroom independently), but needs targeted assistance with others, such as bath/showers and organizing meals. Client is building independent-living skills; the ideal candidate will continue to encourage growth in this area. Client needs ongoing support in decision-making, particularly when challenges/unexpected events arise in the community, and in traveling between activities (typically by car). Client enjoys: scheduled activities, playing on iPad/computer, visiting stores and toy shopping, visiting museums and zoos.

Preferred Qualifications:
-Experience working with individuals with disabilities.
-Background in psychology/social work or experience with clients on the autistic spectrum is a plus.
-Experience supporting individuals with ADLs and life skills.
-Clear and confident communicator.
-Good organizational skills and attention to detail, very reliable
-Highly collaborative approach to working with parents and others in Client’s programs/team
-Warm, kind, and open demeanor.

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Hi! I'm a social worker at a company that provides support for adults with disabilities and their families throughout NYC and Westchester. Read more about us at our website: futurecenteredcare.com

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