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About this Service

I am a career and life direction coach, but I define “career” rather broadly. I think of ambition as unrealized creative energy, and my work is helping clients figure out how they want to channel it. I have a particular affinity for working with artists or people with a regular creative practice, and those who are trying to balance finding a sense of purpose and meaning with financial security.

My specialities include:
- Figuring out life direction and purpose
- Exploring confidence issues
- Creating action plans and being an accountability partner
- Unblocking creativity
- Addressing workplace conflicts and issues
- Job search support

About this Lister

Here's my coaching philosophy: Everything that gives our lives meaning cycles between coming together and falling apart. This includes our relationships, creativity, sense of confidence, and connection to place. As much as we’d like to be able to “figure it out” and have it stay figured out, it doesn’t work that way. And - even when we think we’ve found the “recipe” for how to put things back together again, the ingredients keep changing. My belief is that periods of grace come and go. Our work is both understanding how to create the conditions for everything to click into place, and finding grounding and a connection to deeper selves even when it’s not.

Background and Expertise

I am certified by ICF, the industry-standard coaching credentialing body. My style draws from multiple sources, including training in Hakomi, a somatic mindfulness technique, and my own Vipassana meditation practice. In my most recent full-time job, I ran an 8-week boot camp program for people looking to make a career change into the startup world.

See additional information on my certifications and training below:
- Associate Certified Coach | International Coaching Federation
- PCC Coach Training | Corporate Sponsored Coach Training
- Coaching Foundations | BetterUp
- Hakomi Somatic Mindfulness Essential Skills | Hakomi of California
- 40 Hour Mediation Training | King County Dispute Resolution Center
- Managing to Change the World | The Management Center


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