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We’ve made improvements to our new Jobs & Gigs section

Dear Listers, 

A few weeks ago, I shared an article about our decision to expand opportunity listings. This week, I’m delighted to let you all know we’ve created a new Jobs & Gigs section that is entirely separate from our Real Estate & Opportunity listings. 

Our hope is that our new Jobs & Gigs section will be a place where our community can be resourceful, collaborative and innovative, a place where the skills and talents of artistic and creative people are highly valued. We intend it as an invitation to all of us to ask for what we need, and offer what we have to give.  


With that in mind, we’ve made a few changes to policies and our website to help support this new section. 

  • Beginning today Job & Gig listings will be live on our site for four weeks instead of one.  

  • Our pricing model for Jobs & Gigs listings has changed.  You will now have the option of paying $79 or $39 for your jobs and gigs listing, depending on the type of organization you are hiring for. These new prices apply to Jobs & Gigs listings only. 

  • We have also made it easier to navigate directly to all listings. Now when you click Get the Listings, you will be taken directly to the week’s listings, provided you are already signed in. 

  • And, finally, we have made design changes to our newsletter to make it easier to navigate our Jobs & Gigs section and our Real Estate & Opportunities section. 

We believe in creating opportunities for all people to have equitable access to jobs and gigs. We are committed to building a justice focused community. As our Jobs & Gigs section continues to grow our hope is that it will provide a platform for ​​creating respectful, life-affirming, justice focused ways of working together. 

Photo by Tristan Centenero

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