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Jobs & Gigs

Jobs & Gigs on Listings Project

By Stephanie Diamond
March 3, 2022

Jobs & Gigs on Listings Project is a place where our community can be resourceful, collaborative and innovative, a place where the skills and talents of artistic and creative people are highly valued. It is a space that invites all of us to ask for what we need, and offer what we have to give.   

Jobs & Gigs

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We believe in creating opportunities for all people to have equitable access to jobs and gigs. We are committed to building a justice focused community. As our Jobs & Gigs section continues to grow our hope is that it will provide a platform for ​​creating respectful, life-affirming, justice focused ways of working together. 

Photo by Tristan Centenero

Stephanie is an artist, dancer, entrepreneur and CEO of Listings Project. She creates communities of collective self-care. As a social practice artist Stephanie creates with a community as opposed to an audience. As a dancer, she connects with her intuition while simultaneously connecting with a community of dancers. As a consultant she shares her learnings from three decades of community building. The largest community she has created to date is Listings Project. Learn more about Stephanie at

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