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Now Featuring New Categories for Jobs, Gigs, Services and More

We asked the Listings Project community and over 40% of you said you were a freelancer or provided some kind of service. 30% of you said that you’d hired someone for a job or a gig in the last year. And, over 50% of you said you were extremely interested in seeing Listings Project add a jobs category. 

In response to this feedback we’ve created four new categories on Listings Project:

  1. Jobs & Gigs for people who are looking to hire our amazing listers!

  2. Services Offered for listers who provide various services like freelance embroiderers, accountants, writers, photographers, and more. 

  3. Open Calls for organizations spolicity grant proposals, fellowship applications and the like

  4. Events for artists, creatives or anyone else hosting an online or in person event that is open to the public 

Now that we have these new categories, we’d like to invite you to share your gigs, job, services, open calls and events with our community. 

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