Emma McAleavy

Emma McAleavy was Listings Project's Content Editor. During her tenure at Listings Project she brought the stories of our community to life on our blog and in our monthly newsletter. Emma’s writing has also appeared in The New York Times, Outside Magazine, and Architectural Digest. You can follow her on twitter @emmamcaleavy.

Articles By Emma McAleavy

Services Offered How to Write a Services Offered Listing
Emma McAleavy | April 7, 2022
Jobs & Gigs How to Practice Equitable Hiring in 10 Steps
Emma McAleavy | January 6, 2022
Art & Artists Two Artists and a Curator Confront Homelessness in L.A. Together
Emma McAleavy | January 4, 2022
Real Estate 7 Things to Keep in Mind When Subletting Your Apartment 
Emma McAleavy | November 3, 2021
Real Estate An Introduction to Los Angeles Housing Laws
Emma McAleavy | October 5, 2021
Jobs & Gigs How to Write a Compelling and Inclusive Job Listing
Emma McAleavy | July 14, 2021
Art & Artists Artist Peter Fodera Died and Came Back to Life
Emma McAleavy | April 16, 2021
Real Estate How the law protects you from housing discrimination
Emma McAleavy | March 3, 2021
Real Estate How to Share Space with a Roommate
Emma McAleavy | February 25, 2021
Real Estate How to Respond to Real Estate Listings
Emma McAleavy | February 11, 2021
Real Estate How Background Checks Harm Formerly Incarcerated People
Emma McAleavy | January 28, 2021
Real Estate Four Kinds of Real Estate Listings We Don't Accept
Emma McAleavy | November 20, 2020
Real Estate Everything You Need to Know About Source of Income Discrimination
Emma McAleavy | November 4, 2020
Art & Artists Ester Partegàs Explores the Contradictions of Motherhood
Emma McAleavy | October 6, 2020
Real Estate How to Write a Compelling and Inclusive Listing
Emma McAleavy | October 1, 2020
Real Estate How and Why We Vet Real Estate Listings
Emma McAleavy | September 3, 2020
Art & Artists Making Space for Working and Creating From Home
Emma McAleavy | May 21, 2020
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