We added a Jobs Category! Find out more.

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We Added a Jobs Category!

Dear Listers,

When we surveyed you last summer, over 40% of you said you were a freelancer or provided some kind of service. 30% of you said that you’d hired someone for a job or a gig in the last year. And over 50% of you said you were extremely interested in seeing Listings Project add a jobs category. 

Today we are delighted to announce that we heard your feedback and we’ve created a new category specifically for job listings.

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We invite you to share your job opportunities and gigs with the Listings Project community. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out our advice for writing an equitable and compelling job listing.


The Listings Project team

P.S. We've always grown through word of mouth, so please do tell your friends and colleagues about our new jobs category!

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