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About this Service

Hi! I specialize in curriculum and learning development and consulting for academic, social, or employee-focused growth, support, and success. I also offer personal assistance with experience in the creative, business, and home organization avenues. My services are adaptable and I love creating tailored plans for each individual's needs.

I am particularly drawn towards and prefer using my skillsets to do work that is striving to help others - my main areas of focus are mental health/trauma support, animal rescue/rehabilitation, and immigrant/refugee support, though as long as I am contributing to something bigger than myself, I'm happy! :)

About this Lister

I'm Marina from Brooklyn, NY, and I'm currently a part-time educational consultant for a non-profit organization in India, and recently wrapped up my time as an Executive Assistant for a company providing renewable energy to off-grid villages in Tanzania and Nigeria. I live between Mexico and New York, and I've had a full life that has led me to this point!

I was a professional performer starting at the age of 11, and all through my teens I was performing in Broadway shows. Dancing has always been my passion, and is what led me to be able to work in a theater-based setting. However, toward my later teen years I realized I didn't want to perform so much as use the arts to help others - in the way that it had helped me so much. I started volunteering and working for various non-profit arts organizations, and after spending a few years in college studying Arts Activism, I left the states (never having obtained my degree) and started volunteering to teach academics and dance for a school in India.

I had only planned to be there for 2 months, but my heart was tied to my students, and I stayed for 10 months. I started doing administrative work for this school part-time while living back in Brooklyn, and while in Brooklyn I worked at a summer camp for refugee youth, and later began tutoring the same on the weekends.

I was then offered a full-time English Fellow position at this school in India, where I taught and developed the English Language and Literature curriculum to middle school and high school students, as well as to some aunties on campus who had never had any formal English classes. This gave me experience with a multitude of learning levels!

The pandemic brought me back to the states and pushed me online, but I continue to work for the school as an educational consultant - developing and teaching both academic and emotional/social skill based curricula such as boundary setting, women's empowerment, and a 6 month college readiness course for our students who pursue college in the states. On top of this role, I fill in with administrative assistance and data entry, as well as many other odd jobs when our team needs more hands on deck. Last year I also started working as a contractor for a company that brings solar-powered energy options to people in rural areas of Tanzania and Nigeria. I was an Executive Assistant for that company, but my work with them was not limited to that. I also structured communication plans, built Learning and Development curricula, and built out a talent management structure for the women working on the ground in Tanzania and Nigeria. My contract with them has come to an end, and I'm eagerly looking forward to the next way I can make an impact in this world.

I've been living in Mexico the last two years, and spent a portion of my time touring around teaching an emotional release through movement/aerial dance workshop with my ex-partner. Due to this, I do have an intermediate/advanced level of Spanish speaking now.

During the pandemic, I decided to (finally!) finish my degree - so I have returned to school to get my degree in Psychology, as my ultimate goal is to be able to create an organization myself that offers a holistic approach to mental health help - through the arts, community engagement, animals, nature, somatic work, and clinical help if needed.

I'm looking for ways to utilize my skillset and passions while pursuing my dreams - and ideally I could work with others doing the same!

Background and Expertise

My expertise is in listening to your goals and needs, and finding new and incremental ways of getting you there and beyond! I excel in identifying areas in need of extra support and thinking outside of the box to create unique learning and development structures for a wide range of people - students, young adults, employees, and individuals!

I have 17 years of experience working with children, 13 years of experience as a dance teacher/choreographer, 13 years of working in the non-profit sector, 8 years of administrative assistance work, and 8 years of academic teaching/curriculum development work.

I am proficient in Word, Excel/Sheets, GSuite, and Asana, and I am an incredibly fast learner.

I am able to send my resume upon request, and am happy to answer any questions/concerns that you may have!


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